Bristol-Bath Railway Path ride 30/03/08

Bristol Cycling Campaign is currently fighting against a proposal to build a bus route alongside several miles of the Bath-Bristol railway path, sharing the trackbed. See:

BCC is planning a ‘celebratory procession’ along the path on Sunday 30 March. They’re quite keen that the ride should include unicyclists, so if any of you fancy it make a note on your calendars now.

I’ll post more details when they’re available, which I reckon ought to be a day or two after the planning meeting that’s scheduled for 07/03/08. I plan to be on the ride, but with rather more than one wheel:

you and jenny have way toooo many wheels. still, I bet you turn heads. Is C on the tag along now?
MIght persuade Paul to come along for the BB ride, we would probadly have 2 unis and a jogger, only combo we can fit in the car to get up to Bristol. Recon it’d be slow enough for a 20 inch? thats my favourite size for jogger pushing?

He had a few brief rides on it last year, but couldn’t reach the pedals. Hopefully he’ll be able to by now, we haven’t been out yet this year. I had a quick ride round the block towing Jenny on her bike, just to test the handling of the FollowMe. I was seriously impressed by it.

I expect so. From something I read this evening I think the procession will also include peds, so a 20" would probably be the biggest wheel size you’d want.

I don’t believe the ride would be the entire length of the path. I don’t know yet what they’re planning, but my guess would be a ride from St Philips to Mangotsfield Station, since that’s the section that’s affected by the proposal.

Maps at

I was seriously thinking about turning up for that but Danny’s last post has put me right off. Sorry :o


I expect I’ll be on it as it goes right past my house.

If any body wants a longer ride I’m happy to ride to Bath and back before or after the main ride. I’m sure we could get some numbers if there is interest. Depends on start times, though.

I maybe interested in this, it may be a chance for me to use the 29" uni finally.

im quite keen to do the bristol/bath ride on my muni, been doing some long rides on it recently so im probably in better condition than i was last time i tried it!

Here’s the latest:

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Subject: [savetherailwaypath] celebrate the path, march 30th
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 11:17:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Meek

Hi all, as people are requesting more info on this event, here is the
current plan as agreed by sarah of our direct action group and
BCyC:Subject to change - for guidance only!

Bristol Cycling Campaign plan a bike ride out to Mangotsfield, leaving
Queens Square at 12 BST (assembling at 11) They are then stopping for
lunch in Mangotsfield 1pm-2pm.

Starting at Fishponds at 2.30pm BST on the dot, no later, we plan to
have an evergrowing walking pace procession down the path with a bit
of a carnival atmosphere. We want to get cyclists and walkers etc joined
by school children, parents and teachers, wildlife enthusiasts, trade
unions, green groups etc etc and hopefully will get some unicylists,
street theatre, the samba band etc. We will encourage fancy dress.
Please bring banners, but please not ‘party political’.

It will reach Devon Rd 2.45, Park at Newtown/Lawrence Hill (end of
path) 3pm.
These latter two times are likely to be a bit optimistic but
it won’t matter.

The idea is to call this the first annual celebration of the path and
plan to do it again next year.

At the park at the end of the path we will regroup (and maybe be joined
by those who couldn’t make it down the path) the Playbus will hopefully
be there and maybe some refreshments.

During the procession we will be collecting money in buckets and we will
have leaflets to give out. We will need to provide a number of stewards

  • Nick will ask the police how many they want us to provide.T
    It is planned to then continue to march along the roads, where we will
    be more visible, to a bit of a rally at College Green but we
    are awaiting police permission

I meant to post an update to this sooner, unfortunately my primary hard drive failed last week.

The plans are much as outlined in my pp. There are effectively two parades, a cycling parade from Queen Square to Mangotsfield Station and a walking-pace parade from Fishponds to Castle Green.

For the first parade, meet at Queen Square at 11:40 to start at 12:00 (there’s no reason why people shouldn’t join the ride further along, if they prefer to start at the beginning of the cyclepath). Take a picnic to eat at Mangotsfield Station. Don’t forget that the clocks will have gone forwards on Sunday morning.

The second parade starts from Fishponds at 14:30, and will be joined by people from the first parade returning to Bristol from Mangotsfield.

If the weather’s good I plan to be on the first parade with my family, on bikes. If the weather’s not so good I’ll probably still be there, but without the family, in which case I might be on a unicycle but probably not. I won’t bother with the second parade either way.

A few of the Severn Wheelers plan to be there, so if you come along to ride a unicycle you won’t be alone.

The latest Metcheck forecast is for sunshine until mid-afternoon, with the occasional light shower later on. I hope it’s right about the sunshine.