breaks for t-bar equipped nimbus 29

hiya guys so i saved up and finally got myself the nimbus 29 w/ the kris holm tbar (got the tbar after debating over the cheaper pi bar. hopefully it was a good choice).

along with the 29, i got the 110/125 double hole KH kranks for when I will be commuting longer distances. And to be safe, I wanted to get breaks.

Ive done a little reading but Im still a little lost.
Exactly what do i need to mount breaks? Additionally, what would be a good cheap route in order to do this (what kind of breaks,mounts,welding etc.)

thanks =]

Sorry I can’t help, but it’s spelled “brakes”. It makes your title misleading. Good luck though. That sounds like a pretty badass setup. A 29er is definitely next on my list although it probably won’t be for a while.

The Nimbus 29" frame has Magura mounts on it so you have a few options:

The easiest but most expensive way is to buy Magura clamps ($18 from UDC) and add a Magura brake ($110 from UDC, ~$90 from Brycer).

The cheapest way would be to drill a hole in the fork crown and mount a BMX caliper brake (~$15 for brake, cable, and lever). This would probably limit the width of tires you could run if you decided to change to a knobby off-road tire.

With about $6 in hardware you can make an adapter to install a V-brake (~$15-25 for brake, cable, and lever) on the Magura mounts. This costs a little more than the BMX caliper brake route and requires some relatively simple fiddling but doesn’t require drilling a hole in the frame and is way less expensive than using a Magura brake. I went this route on my KH29 and if you use a V-brake that advertises fender clearance (these have longer arms), the brake will work with any tire that will fit in your frame.

thanks david!
i am really interested in the 3rd option ( i dont mind the first option but couldnt go this route for a while though). so is the adapter easy to make? i am not a hardware workman type of person and i dont have access to tools for i am college student.

You do need to be able to find or make a piece of angled metal of the right dimensions with two holes in it that are the right sizes and in the right positions. Chances are you’ll need cutting and drilling tools. For mine I had some pieces laying around that had the holes in the right places but needed to cut one side down and also needed to drill one of the holes larger.

Here are a few posts from the thread I linked that show the parts:

You can buy commercial adapters also. There is a barely used set listed in the trading post: echo v brake adapters & defect dvd