Brand-X Elbow and Forearm Guards

Just a quick review of Brand-X Elbow and Forearm Guards.

I had been looking at all the usual suspects for this job when I stumbled upon these, and some good reviews.

They have an impact proof guard on the elbow, and a longer guard for the forearm. These are attached to a some ventilated padding covered in strong mesh, with extra padding under the plastic guards. It is attached by three velcro straps, two on the forearm and a thicker one above the elbow.
There is a short soft mesh sleeve attached to the elbow end of the guard which the arm goes through.

I have only use the guards since I started learning (about 1.5 hours so far), but I have found them to be very comfortable. I have “used” them once when I took a backward fall and landed on my right elbow on concrete, with no problems.
They do not slide around but stay in the same position in use, due I think to the short sleeve described earlier.
They are slim enough to be worn under clothing or an top (with a large size perhaps?).

For my learning experience, I would definitely recommend these and buy them again.
At £17 GBP I think they are a bargain.