Brand New Kronked Kranks? Help!!

Hi, I got my BRAND NEW Summit on Christmas and I love it! However, I noticed that it looks like the left crank is slightly “kronked”, or bent inwards. They are Man-O-War splined cranks with the little annoying nubs. How is this possible? Where they assembled wrong? Can I fix it? WHAT SHOULD I DO???

You can tell the left one is slightly bent by looking at the ruler in comparison of the frame to the nub on the crank.

Pictures: The top one is the right, and the bottom one is the left.


Left bent one:


If you can’t tell by the pictures that it is different than the right one, just take my word for it. the left one has less clearance from the frame than the right one. Please tell me what I can do, or if I am just too much of a worrier.


It simply doesn’t matter. If you really wanted to be sure, you could spin the frame 180 degrees to see if what you are observing is frame inaccuracies, but there’s no reason to do so. Try thinking about this: If the crank were slightly bent, what would you do about it? Would you stop riding it? Would it be any weaker? The answer to both of those questions is 99.9% likely to be no. There is no reason to worry about inaccuracies like that in your uni. You will adapt to them quickly, and they don’t affect the ridability of the thing. Don’t worry.

Edit: Upon further inspection of the pics, it even appears that this inaccuracy doesn’t exist and what you are seeing is an artifact of shifting perspectives. But whatever, even if it isn’t it still doesn’t matter.

check how your bearings and hub are seated in the frame. i have had the same problem in the past it was just my own rushed assembly.

Very true, I rode on a slightly bent crank for 2 months, and I did’t even notice it ever…

Just ride it. If you hadnt have noticed it visibly you would never had noticed it while riding… ever.

well, bent cranks CAN matter. I had a pretty bent crank, but because I was broke, addicted, and had no spares, I continued riding it. I quickly got used to it, but after riding my knee (which was injured 1 year ago. bad story. I partially tore my ACL jumping off my couch.) would hurt a lot. I don’t know if this would affect anyone who hadn’t killed their knee, but I thnk it rotated it oddly and stretched the tendons, or something.

I guess I was just overreacting, because it was brand new, and I love it. The left crank is only 1 cm closer to the frame than the right one. It doesn’t make a difference when riding it.


My cranks are terribly kronked, everyone riding my unicycle says they feel really weird, and when I ride everyone else’s uni I say they feel really weird.
So in conclusion, it probably makes no difference.