Brand New Kris Holm 'Percussion' Leg Armour XXL

Hi all

I am selling Brand New Kris Holm ‘Percussion’ Leg Armour XXL.

Size: XXL

They are too big for me.

I don’t have the original packaging so I can’t return them to the store. Hence I am selling them here. They are brand new and have not been used. I plan to purchase XL size once I sell them.

I am based in Dublin, Ireland and will ship to anywhere in Europe however the buyer will have to cover the expense of shipping.

They cost 66 euro when I bought a couple of weeks ago. I am looking for 50 euro.

I have Kris Holm ‘Percussion’ Leg Armour for sale. Size: XL. I´m looking for 40€.

The price is negotiable. I would be happy enough with 40

Fancy a swap ?

They are making XXL now? They weren’t available when I bought mine a while ago.

Another price drop ! Down to 30€