Brand New KH wheel out of round, what are acceptable tolerances?

I took my new KH Muni out of the box, beautiful. Did the minor assembly. Put my nice braided hose HS33 brake on it and gave the wheel a spin to check the trueness against the brake pads. Well it was about perfectly true but out of round by at least 3mm. Now I know that although these are beautiful unis, they are still mass produced Taiwan crap (so to speak). Is it too much to expect these assembly line wheels to be a little closer to round than 3 or 4mm? It’s probably not noticable off road, and one day when it gets out of true, I’ll bring it to round. It just was a little disappointing. None the less I still love my new Muni.

i’ll have to check mine for roundness, but i’ll take this opportunity to report a related annoyance. i had my new kh out for it’s second ride the other day and after attempting a side hop up a rocky ledge, the tire started rubbing on the frame. after a short panic, i realized it was just the tire rotating in the rim. i had to fully deflate the tire, center it and then re-inflate.

after the problem repeated itself again, i decided to ride with higher air-pressure and that seemed to prevent it from happening again.

Well my opinion is that although they are mass produced i still believe that for a kris holm uni i would expect perfect like mabey 1 or posibly 2 mm at the max but three or four sounds a little low quality so to speak of a kris holm uni and u may be right but i would straighten the wheel now 1: for piece of mind nowing it is straight and perfect and 2: i may be wrong but i have noticed when using brakes on a bmx with a slightly off true wheel that when you get to that spot is sorta grabs and the breaking isnt smooth over the whole rim and you may have this trouble with your wheel which isnt going to help in any way so yer i would straiten it for these two reasons.

good luck and have fun on your new uni