Brand new KH percussion leg armor $50 shipped

I bought these medium KH percussion leg guards last week from UDC and they just don’t fit me right. They have one 8mile crash free ride on them so they are as good as new without any funk or damage. I’ll be ordering the next size up so these are going to live in the closet.

Once again these are mediums and sell for $70 + Shipping I’m selling them for $50 shipped in the lower 48 states.

Message with any questions


To big or to small? Reason I ask is I just bought a set of 4x4s. They are size large and are a bit long for my shorter legs. Also only 1 ride on them.

The straps are just about perfect for me but the length is just not long enough, I’ve owned a medium size set of 4x4’s in the past that I remembering fitting pretty well but I think the larges might be too big for me.

I’m open to offers on these as well…

If you’ll go down to $40 shipped, I’m down. #poorPersonPost

KH percussion

Can you measure the total length with the pad laying flat and relaxed ?

Not sure if rockjunkie15 has come back on here in the meantime, but these were sold to me on Friday.

As Foxxy said these are sold but I’ll measure them before I send them in just a couple hours.

The total pad length(front of leg) is 19in, and they are about 14.5 from the bottom to the middle of the knee cap.