Brakes on a Nimbus 36"

Are Maguras the only brake that you can fit on a Nimbus 36"?

I am planning a 36" Unicycle at the end of the month, and I like the look of the Nimbus 36", but I am not sure about Maguras. Can you fit V brakes? Will there be enough room under the frame? And are Calliper brakes an option? I can’t tell from the photo on if there is enough room under the brace on the frame.



I too have a similar query,

I discussed this with UDC when I placed my nimbus 36er order, and they said no, however I am hoping that the community here has a knowledge about modifications that mgiht allow a caliper or vbrake set up… on the magura brake bosses( i personally think the maguras are overkill)

To fit a caliper brake on all you need is a hole drilled in the frame.
Here is a thread about that:

I know how to do it, I need to know if it can be done on a Nimbus 36".

The magura brake bosses are in the way, unless you put the caliper on the front side.

Roger at UDC says a calliper should fit. As far as I know, he actually recommends callipers for 36ers.

I run a BMX calliper brake on my 29er. I got an engineer to fit it, but it’s really a fairly simple fitting.

So, are the brakes on unicycles like ‘‘ramp brakes’’, that slide around the rim, so you don’t get thrown forwards when you pull them?

Brakes are mainly used to keep your speed under control when going down steep hills.

You don’t want to put too much braking force into a unicycle or it will just throw you forwards.


OK thanks, I just thought they might also be used to slow down after speeding along a flat road, as I can’t imagine how long it would take, and hard it would be to slow down using your legs!

Well I suppose i’ll see when I get my nimbus 36 at end of summer :stuck_out_tongue:

you can oil the magura pads

Are brakes highly recommended for 36" unis?

Nice to have (for steep decents, esp. with really short cranks!) and they look cool! I just bought a complete caliper setup (brakes, cable, lever) for $12.99! Brand new. It’s all I need. :sunglasses:

It all depends where you live, and what terrain you ride on. Unless you do a lot of hills, or the occasional very steep hill then you really don’t need them.

I mainly ride in London, and haven’t yet found a hill worthy of using them on. Recently, though, I rode through South Wales, and covered quite a few miles with my finger just slightly puling on the lever just to ‘flatten out’ some of the steep gradients.


No :astonished: this was posted before, and then shot down in flames by a few posters (note I have never tried oil to prove it is wrong). The reason Margura’s are popular is due to their modulation, you can apply a controlled amount of braking. However pull the lever reasonably hard and you’ll be airborne.

That depends on the terrain where you ride. You will soon know if you need a brake, in my case it was when I gradually accelerated down a local hill whilst trying to slow down. I didn’t go that route again until after the brake was fitted as the outcome was painful.

The stronger the rider the less need for brakes - I definitely need them :smiley: