brake question

Good day all!
I was wanting to put a brake on my older (1996) DMATU. There are no brake bosses so i was wondering what the best way to attach a brake to the frame would be? I have found metal attachments (with bosses) that can be drilled or attached to the frame via metal tiedowns, but i don’t know how long a set up like that would last. Also by drilling into the frame is it going to weaken the frame itself or weaken the welding?

Am I too far behind the times in looking to add a regular brake like this to my uni or should I just save my money for a new uni with hydraulic brakes?

thanks for your advice,


I don’t know how long something would like that would last either. But if you’re into Trials at all, and willing to save up, then you could use your current cycle for a trials cycle, and then buy another cycle that already has brake mounts for a mountain cycle. You’d have the best of both worlds.