Brake options for KH36

I’m looking at both the Numbus Impulse and the KH36… obviously the Impulse has breaks…

What are the brake options for the KH36?

Can you put a disk brake on it? Rim brake? Pros/cons?


KH brake options:

  • jump off, or back pedal pressure
  • BMX Caliper brake
  • V Brake w/adapter (home made or commercial)
  • Magura hydraulic rim brake
  • MountainUni Disc Brake [/LIST]

    You would have to drill a hole in the crown for a BMX caliper. The V-Brakes are easy to mount to the lower mounting holes that come standard on the frame, and the Maguras mount directly to the frame mounts.

    I’ve used all of the different brakes on a 36 (not KH), and I liked the Magura the least, and the Disc the best. After the Disk I liked the V, and then the caliper. The disc gives you great control of the wheel, and it’s not as grabby as the magura. The V has a nice light lever feel, but can be a bit grabby. The BMX caliper has a little stronger spring than a V, so the lever feel is a little heavier, but the braking is a little less grabby.

    So if money is an issue the V’s would have it. If money wasn’t holding me back I’d go for the MountainUni disc.

  • Awesome, thanks!!

    Does the MountainUni Disk mount easily to the hub?

    Thanks again!

    This might answers my questions!

    And this:

    So… can you use KH cranks with these?

    No, you need those SINZ-cranks (you need something where you mount the disk :wink: )

    You need Sinz cranks as mentioned above. The shortest standard size is 135 mm. Some of us consider that long for cruising on a 36". If you want them shorter, you will need to have them modified.

    On the up side, you can find reasonably inexpensive Sinz cranks by googling them.