Brake on a 20" Trials?

Maybe there is good reason for one. But why a brake on a 20"?
Forgive me if this is a dumb question as I’m still kinda new to the unicycle scene.

Not really that important, but useful for riding down steep walls/railings to do it smoothly/in control. Generally can be useful when riding skinny’s. But definately not needed, and never seen one rider with them on a trials uni.

I don’t know about you but I would be a much better rider if I had enough control to use a brake while riding steep skinnies.

A brake on a trials uni isn’t really a great idea, since it really just turns into extra weight to haul during hops, but then again if you ride a 20" for muni, it could be useful.

…and using a brake while hopping just doesn’t work (for most of us anyway). You do some many more subtle forwards/backwards corrections than you might think.


I have never seen anyone use a brake on a trials uni. It could be handy for some speicalized situations. For example if you were hopping up a steep narrow ramp with the wheel inline with the ramp (not perpendicular to the ramp) you could lock the wheel with the brake to make that kind of a move possible. The other situation where it might be useful would be riding down a steep narrow skinny. Mostly there are only a few special situations where a brake would be useful and many situations where the brake would be just getting in the way. The other problem is that you are guaranteed to break the brake lever a few times when the uni drops on something after a UPD.

The KH Pro trials uni has Magura brake mounts and I think the 2005 Qu-ax trails uni has Magura brake mounts. Those are the only trials unis I’m aware of that have brake mounts.

It’s neat that they have the brake mounts because that means that someone may experiment with doing trials moves that require the use of the brake. It’s an option for experimentation. But for practical purposes I don’t see a brake being useful on a trials uni.

A brake could be useful in many applications in trials where it is difficult to get adequate leverage on the wheel. The problem is it is impossible to use a brake in the seat in front hopping position.

I could see a rider like Andrew getting used to a brake and finding it useful for things like precision hops, steep up and downhills and (I think) much more.

Trials bikers use their rear brake in every single move. The only reason we don’t is because we can apply some stopping power to the wheel. You could get a lot more by using a brake though.

Ill bet it would be really helpful in natrual trials.

although if you do anything with a brake, you have that much less handle grabbing ability

It would be handy for a Jr Muni’r who can’t fit a 24" unicycle though

Trials bikers also kick the pedals and move the wheel slightly forward on most of their hops. I think the only application of a brake on a unicycle when hopping would be when doing gaps to really thin surfaces. Then I guess you could apply the brake just as you land to stop the wheel slipping out, but you’d still have to release it before hopping off. Also, you wouldn’t be able to keep the wheel under your body nearly as easily until you released the brake.

And for hopping up really steep surfaces, you’d still need to release the brake before hopping each time to kick the pedals and wheel forwards, and if the surface is steep enough to necessitate a brake you probably wouldn’t be able to do that anyway.

I still think trials riding on a unicycle really requires all those subtle little corrections that wouldn’t be possible with a brake.


there’s a summit on ebay right now with brakes.

here you got a 20" with brake


I think it might be useful in some street tricks. Maybe if you are doing something like a no footer down stairs or a drop the brake could help keep the wheel from spinning so its easier to land back on the pedals. It would be hard because if you have horizantal momentum, you would need to release the brake before you land it. I have never done anything like that so im not sure i know what im talking about:D

My new baby

Just aquired last evening.finally a trials uni
Can’t wait for it to arrive. I have some great pictures of this baby including detailed pics of the custom brake system, but i don’t know how to show or link them. I don’t seem to be able (or am missing something) to use the web space. I have never ridden a 20" and am looking forward to lot’s of new fun. It’s set up with a hand held brake lever. Should be interesting to experiment with. I’ll have it at the Richmond ride so some of you more experienced riders can try it out in trials applications.


Hope this pic works

Check out this custom brake setup


That’s a pretty crappy custom brake setup

How will you ever reach the lever?

you hold the handle with the brake in one hand…

that cable might get in the way.
espescillay if you fall.