Brake Mounting

I searched the forums but couldn’t find anything to help me out. I recently got a great deal on a Magura Hydro-Stop brake on e-bay. It’s brand new and has all the componants but, of course, there’s a problem. I have a Profile wheelset with a Yuni frame and I don’t know how to go about mounting the brake on. Since the frame is alluminum the guy at my local bike shop said the frame would need to be heat treated after welding brake mounts on to re-stregthen it. Also I’m not sure I want a disc brake but I’m not really sure of my options with this equipment. Any help on what I can do, how to do it, and price estimates would help me out immensely. Thanks so much,

The Yuni frame that I know of is either chrome plated steel or painted or powdercoated steel. (black) sells a magura brake braze on kit for twenty six dollars and all you need to do is have someone weld or braze the mounts to your frame. I would then just paint around the mounts with some silver paint to prevent rust or if you want to get fancy have it powdercoated.

I just reread your post and realized you are talking about a disk brake. The magura brake mounts are for the HS33 not a disc brake. A disc brake is much more tricky but I’m sure it could be done, but you would need a disc brake hub. I would recomend getting an HS33 and going with that.

You’d need to weld the disc to the hub then I think… I’m sure there’s someone who could/would do it. But if it cocks up, then you’re down a Profile hub… If you’re desperate to have a brake on the uni, then I’d try and sell/swap it for the Maggie HS33 rim brake. I’m also pretty sure the Yuni frames aren’t aluminium.