brake lever mounting...brainstormers wanted

i have a problem,on my new unicycle i want to have a brake but i have to figure out a way to mount the lever.

the seat post size will most likely be to big to use handlebar end and i want to use my Kinport rail adapter that doesnt have a peice of tubing attached for this purpose like the Wilder adapter does.

i know that there are some new Kinport ones in the making that have the mounting tube but i want to keep the prototype one i have and figure somthing else out.

theres got to be a way,all i can think off is something that bolts directly to the CF base…

anymore ideas where a brake lever can go?

I think it’s not a bad idea to get the lever as close to the seat base as possible to make it easier to reach as well as protect it during crashes.

Why not drill a small hole in the brake lever mount and bolt it directly to the CF base with some spacers to even out the convex surface?


I made this one from some mountain bike handle bar and the seat tube lug from a Panasonic 12 speed. I needed it to fit the one inch seat post on mt 29er.


How about one of these attached to your seatpost?

Comes in 26.4-27.2mm and 29.4-30.2mm sizes for attaching to seat post.

Insert a piece of 7/8 (22.2mm) tubing into that, and attach brake lever to tubing.


those are some good ideas.i dont have a welder so doing it myself is out of the question.

the tandem stoker stem is a easy option but i would like find a lighter solution.

i feel that mounting the brake directy to the CF plate is a good plan but i dont want to destroy the lever or base trying to figure out the best way,theres got to be a revolutionary means of doing this real clean & sleek.

I really have no experience with brakes on uni’s but here an idea I had. Would it be possible to have the brake on something semi flexible? You could attach a stiff bar or something so you squeeze it like one of those wrist strengtheners. Having it flexible means that you can have some movement while riding. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. But the flex should mean that the lever won’t take too much abuse when you UPD. Oh, and to mount it attach it to the seat post somehow.

What do you think?

Jagur, I have one of these space bar things. It has an adjustable metal strap that might fit around your seat post. It would be hokey to use as is, but the idea is not so bad. I will be passing thru your town in the morning I could drop it off.

If your are going to use Magura hydrulic brakes, get one of those Stainless Steel lines(buy now on ebay for $19.99), attach a plunger to it, keep it in your free hand or just clip it to you camel back strap. Ok when you ask for brainstorm ideas don’t expect them to all be good.

radical ideas like that have crossed my mind.i will be useing a V-brake since they go around 2.1 tyres easy and are lighter.

my radical idea was an “on the rod” spoon style brake like old Stada 3-spds.

if you come over tommorrw i can give you a sneek peak at the parts i have so far.

Max Dingemans’ dad could probably make you a bar end style extender that will fit a bicycle seatpost diameter. Contact Max and see what he can do. I can check things out for you when I’m in Minnesota for nationals.

thanx John,but just about an hour ago i have desided that mounting one to the seat post is ugly and heavy :o im sure that mounting it staight on the CF base or bolting a tube like peice to the front of the rails is possible.i just need more brainstorming.

Just out of curiousity, what would be the disadvantage of running extra long cable/hose, a small piece of handle bar through the lever, and just holding it in your hand?

I did this on my off-road skate board thing and it worked quite wheel.


How about cutting a 4 inch length of handlebar and squashing one end in the vice or with a hammer. Just bolt the flat bit to the CF base and put the brake on the round bit. Bend the flat bit slightly or add spacers to give a little clearance. I made a similar bracket for my Muni (although I welded mine).

totaly HARDCORE! thats what i need to hear…that would be really light weight too.

keep’em commin!

K.I.S.S. Great idea!

Make sure you use two bolts, so it won’t pivot.

now that ive thought about this a little more i dont think it would work.there would’nt be very much strength and if for some reason,say in a crash that the lever got hit it would most likely bend down.

i would also have to driil 2 holes right in the high stress zone of the CF plate.

i would now like to figuer out a way to use longer mounting bolts in front of the rail adapter so i can make use of the holes that are already there.somthing about 2 inches wide and tapering down to 22.2…???