Brake Lever Extender

so i got a brake lever extender for my new KH Freeride. Ive got the Magura Hydrolic Brakes and they work awesome, except for one thing, they are hard to reach, so, naturally, i ordered the brake extender from i just put it on, and i stabbed my self in the thigh when i got on. does anyone have any suggestions for me? it would seriously get in the way if i rode for any distance.

I assume you got the Delta brake lever extender?

The solution is to cut the lever down so it is just long enough for two fingers. And then angle and position the brake lever so that it doesn’t stick out to the side of the saddle. So use a hacksaw to cut it down then use a file to smooth off the cut.

sweet, thanks, ill try that, I twisted the lever off to the side, but it was kinda wierd cause the lever was pointing at a downward angle.

Delta Brake Lever extenders extinct?

Resurrecting an old thread about Delta brake lever extenders. Any idea whether these still exist? I have one on my MUni with a reeder handle, and It’s a great set up, and i thought I once saw them on UDC, may have been quite a while ago. With the new site, I either cant find it, or its permanently out of stock…

I got one before they went out of stock:

Don’t know if they are getting them back in.