brake help

will those breaks work on my kh muni?


No. You need maguras with magura 4 bolt mounts. Those are maguras with evolution mounts, which allow you to mount maguras on v brake studs.


thanks though, i guess i have to find some more brakes…

those will work though right?

Any hs33 brakes except those marked as FIRM-tech will fit on a unicycle with magura mounts - ie the two small bolt holes above each other. However you will need the magura mounting brackets available from or magura dealer. These are not commonly available in bike shops as they are only really used by unicyclists and trials bike riders. You are unlikely to find a set of maguras on ebay with the correct mount though they do occasionally show up.

Both the brakes shown in your links will work on the unicycle if you purchase the mounts separately

I have the mounts, so thanks!