Brake did this thing :P [fixed!]

Was transporting the MUni this weekend and at some point I looked down and the brake looked like this:

At first I thought a catastrophic failure happened, but… not really, or so it seems. I could plug it right back in and did a full ride. But the thing is that it has never happened before in several months of daily riding.

Is this normal-ish? Is there something I can tighten to avoid this happening often?

Thanks in advance for any insight,

Looks like the adjuster wasn’t threaded into the pivot on the lever (should be threaded in the square steel piece there), so it could pull out - were you running the lever very far away from the handle? Looks like it was probably outside the normal range of adjustment - which may have worked out in your favour, because this is much better than the lever bending or the piston being pulled out of the cylinder.

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This makes sense. So, I need to plug the adjuster into the pivot and screw it on? I’m struggling with the terminology with this. Thanks so much for the help.

Edit: Fixed! Thanks @finnspin - it wasn’t as complicated as I was making it out to be. You were right with the advice.