Boing-uni video


check it out, Its just a bunch of video that I had, not really planned out at all, but I made a “movie” out of it, so there it is.

noone was harmed in the making of this video, execpt myself.
haha ha ha ha haaaaa a a a a

yes the stairs at the beach is in it.

That was Rudding awesome. My God!

Now I know why you’re always saying you broke stuff on your torker. I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE THAT GOOD!!! :astonished: Can you rolling hop onto a picnic table?

i can jump that high sometimes, but I have never done it. my highest is like 32" but usually I jump like 27-28"
those picnic tables are pretty high

AT least you can jump 27 inches.

I might be able to muster 20" but as a general rule it’s around 17-18".

Good vid i enjoyed it immenlsy (F7)???

nice job… good to see your stairs to sand thing. Interesting to see texas beaches… always fun to see unicycles in different parts of the world.
pretty big gaps you’re doing! Show us more when you get a chance

i love your tire grab off of the fifty bajillion set, it is so wicked

I want to do a 180 over the whole set
but thats stupid
so i want to do a 360
but thats even stupider to do over the whole thing. I landed pretty far, maybe enough so to pull it off. I’m just scared of it.

Wow, it looks like you have really improved. I loved the tire grab off the 4 set!

im at school and the link is blocked, im gunu hav 2 w8 till i get home till i can watch it :frowning:

tht is a nice vid well done, some of those rolling hops were huge

thanks :slight_smile:

you’re good now…
i’m jealous.

that was really cool stair to sand.

i’ve been photoshopping a frame of that set…
it’s hard to do…

thanks, but really, i suck at tricks, if you didn’t notice that video had about 2 tricks in it and they were WAY cheesy

I’d rather be able to rolling hop like you than do tricks.

Boing, lol good name for it bro! You have some of the best hops I seen man, impressive!

thanks cody
thats the 3rd or 4th name I gave it.

nice vid

holly cow your way good you had some huge gaps i cant do rolling hops worth crap but i can do pretty big gaps so how did you learn to get those rolling hops down so good? so are you sponcered?

hey, get rid of the unispins, and that would be a great sponsorship vid. you style is more big street and trials than flatland, and the 180 unispins look really bad compared to hopping up 4 sets and tire grabbing 11s.

nice job.

what song is that?