Body Varial Tutorial?

I’ve been working on my 180 unispin and i thought that i would like to learn a body varial. when working on a unispin you do the jumpmount, 180 jump mount, etc. Any steps or tricks I can do to learn a BODY varial?


Well i can’t do the body varial but this is how would I train it:
1.I would learn to do the unispin 180° with one hand
2.Next thing i would learn to do is to jump and turn for 180° and leave the unicycle on the ground (I hope you understand)
3.Then i would learn to do the unispin 180° while riding
4.And then I would probably try to to the 1., 2. and 3. step at the same time!

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

So. Your obvious first step is to learn how to 180 body varial mount. I would call this a 180 jump mount, what you know how to do would technically be called a 1spin jump mount.

For the body varial mount, stand infront and to the side of your uni. It will prolly be easiest to have the uni backwards with the handle in your hand. Now all you have to do is jump up high as you 180 and land seat in. After you get a feel for hitting the pedals and how for you have to twist… try them while on the uni…still with the seat backwards and held in your natural handle holding hand.

Then move onto to landing them from forward seat in position to seat out, and also seat out to out… It will help in the long run if you can body varial in both directions.

Are these very hard to learn?


Anyone think they can post a video?