Body types

I found this on the message board: It’s interesting to see what different kinds of athletes look like in the near buff.

What are the ideal body types for muni, distance, trials, et al?

For the brave, please strip down to your black undergarments and post a photo.

Yes, fascinating. When you look at different competitions at the Olympic Games it is also easy to see the variation in body types.

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Body type!

OK, So I have been Unicycling longer than any other sport that I have participated in,(More than 50 yrs). Would that mean that I have the body of a Unicyclist? If you think that true I could post a recent similar picture and it could either be a goal for the younger riders, OR a Warning? What do you think, post or not?

I don’t have an opinion on that. It’s up to you whether you will post a picture of yourself or not.

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I don’t look like anybody there
though: if I photoshop the skier, makes his legs shorter and his torso longer, then change skin color and “ape-ify” the body with hair (and change the head) then that might be more or less like me :smiley: