BMX wheel set. Will it work on uni?

Ok so I have a flat tire on my uni and I’ve been thinking since i don’t really have enough money to spend on the KH wheel set or any other maybee I should just go and get a BMX wheel and stick it on my uni. will this work? Does it offer the same bounciness that’s needed for trials and street?

It won’t work unless you get a unicycle hub laced in it (bike wheels coast)

Well yeah i know that but would the tire and rim on a BMX wheel work? I guess what i’m asking is if it would be the same or better than a uni wheel set.

The problem is that BMX wheelset is actually 20in. BMX tires are only 2in wide. A trials tire is not really 20in, it is 19 and you probably want the bouncyness, grip, and strength from a trials tire. I would just buy a KH wheelset. You never will regret it.

I use a bmx rim and tire, with a kh/onza hub and cranks and i like it alot. It’s not as bouncy as a trials tire, but i can jump just as high, and it’s a lot better for freestyle and street than a trials set up

(if you do get a bmx rim go for an alex supra g triple wall,)

Thanks General Dibbles. I think that’s what I’ll get.


I also have a BMX set up, with a triple wall 20" rim and 48 spokes. It is almost bomb proof!

Lace that hub on to a good bmx rim and you will love it!

Plus there is a plethora of tires to fit those rims… and up to 2.35 inch with a Big Apple.

A 20 (och 19) inch wheel for a unicycle is simply a bmx wheel with another kind hub.

Check this out.

they have made a “streetstyle” onza and quax, by using a 20" Sun BFR with a splined hub/crank set.

Rob / General Dibbles what tire do you use?

onza streetstyle

quax streetstyle

smd - that streetstyle onza is simply a freestyle unicycle with an onza hub in it. Its neither freestyle nor street. Sure it looks cool but I reckon you’d have the worst of both worlds. Long cranks are no good for freestyle riding, and moreover, you don’t need splined cranks for freestyling. As a trials/street uni you don’t have a large volume tyre (ie no 19" rim) so hopping and dropping performance would be compromised. I really can’t see what the intended use of this unicycle is. Go for a freestyle unicycle if you’re into freestyle or a trials uni if you ride street/trials.

My 2c.


I use a 2.1" Animal GLH. It is a great tire and is primarly used for street/freestyle.

I also have a Kenda 2.35 knobby for muni and a 2.35 Big Apple Slick for just bouncing around!

The variety of tires you can get for BMX rims is mindboggling!

of course you could just mend your puncture :stuck_out_tongue: