BMX uni for Flat?

I’ve seen a few BMX unis before, and they sparked my interest. I know they are good for street, but are they any good for flat? I figured they might be because the BMX tires have much less rolling resistance. Anyone care to shed some light on this?

Or help me build mine?

What my plan is so far:

Nimbus X longneck Frame

KH moment hub and cranks

Primo Comet Tire or the Animal ASM

KH Street Fusion Saddle

Anyone care to recommend other parts that would be better(or tell me what to use for the parts that I don’t have listed)?

I could be wrong, but aren’t bike tires much heavier?

You could always get a uni tire and shave it, or shave the one you have to save money…

I could be as wrong as ever right now, so would someone please correct me if I am extremely off.


Use the Nimbus DJ rim, its awesomely wide for a 20" rim.

Will it fit in the frame I posted, with a 2.10 tire? I don’t really know how the measurements stack up…

If it fits in this: I don’t see why not.

Buy this uni that bryan suggested with the KH moment cranks and Hub… Call… And they will make a custom for you i think…

Or why you just don’t buy this one:

Bye… And Good Luck!

Sorry if I seem grumpy but you are the second person to do this in the past week. The spelling of my name is in every one of my posts and it has never had nor will it ever have a ‘y’ in it.




anyway, i would get the 125mm quax cranks…i rode agentQ’s freestlye uni and liked it

Again, it wasn’t meant to be an insult. I just don’t get how it happens - especially when someone quotes me directly in their posts and its spelled out right before their eyes.

I’m Sorry Brian…

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Next time I will pay more attention…


I think the Nimbus DJ rim is 48 hole…and you could get a Nimbus or KH it depends if you want blue or black. And also get Quax Tubular cranks from MDC the black ones in 125mm.


They have both 36 and 48 hole :slight_smile:

Oh really? Nice:)

Well I was planning to use this uni for street AND flat, so I figured the moment cranks were a better idea. But is all this even worth it? Will I gain anything out of the BMX set up(as opposed to shaving a Nimbus X Street)?

There are pros and cons to both bmx style unis and trials style unis. If your gonna build a BMX setup I recomend a kevlar beaded tire, this will make it nice and light. As far as cranks for flat go, the qu-ax cranks with shaved nubs on a K1 hub seams to me the best I have tried. I cant really recomend this setup as is takes modifying the cranks and is not the best fitting setup, tho for flat it should work fine.(I also ride pretty agressive street with this setup, as BrIan O can attest to.)

As far as 20" tire vs 19" tire. A 20" will roll very nicely for flat and feels very awesome. The problems is you need to be much more acurate as the tire allows for less slop. The 19" is much more forgiving when your technique isnt quite perfect. I think if BMX was better for flat, you would see flat riders using freestyle unis more then they are.

There is something very nice about a true 20" uni. It feels so nice so zippy so clean. When I have been riding a 19" setup alot I miss the fast and smooth roll of a 20". When I ride a 20" alot I miss the mellow, bouncy forgiving feel of a 19".

As far as a setup goes, I think your best options is the nimbus DJ, kevlar beaded tire, and if your feeling friskey, K1 hub with quax 125 CrMO cranks. Plastic pedals and domina frame(If money is not an issue, seams they have no problem replacing them when they break). This would be super light and very nice for flat.

K1 hub fit’s the 125 Quax CrMO cranks? Isn’t koxx isis smaller than the original ISIS present on the KH and Nimbus Hubs and Cranks?

And about the Domina Frame I don’t think that yoggi will replace all frames that you brake! He replaced one for Spencer… but i don’t know if he replaced a second one…

And i talked wih Yoggi last week, and he told me that at the end of march koxx will release some 2008 products:
-Domina 2
-Xavier Collos Street Pro Model
-Loic Baud Flat Pro Model

I think that with this unis will come a bunch of new parts! :smiley:

Anyway… If money isn’t a problem… I would go with a Koxx One wheel with 135’s tubular Cranks, KH Frame, KH Seat and KH Seat Post… I think that is the Spencer setup (except the seat post, he uses a Thompson with SW Base)…


Now my uni is all KH (with my Thomson and Wallis seat).

Yoggi is going to replace my black domina again. He said he will give me a domina 2 at unicon because its easier and I don’t need it right away since I have my KH frame that I like. I will also probably get a new KH frame when they come out.

Spencer the KH cranks are ok for crank rollings? My father is going to barcelona next week, so i’m thinking about selling my K1 and get a KH… But someone told me that the Moments cranks sucks for crank rollings!


No, they dont really fit correctly. The K1 hub is bigger than true ISIS. So my Qu-ax CrMO cranks dont slide on all they way, they stay further out on the axle. I dont really recomend this to anyone, as it may not be the strongest setup… works for me tho, and it makes for tons of room to put your feet on.