BMX tire for Street & Flat experiences

I posted this on Uni Chat on facebook already but I figured this belongs here too.

A few weeks ago I got a KH 20" flatland rim and a Fit Bikes FAF-K TAN tire in 20 x 2.4.

Before I got it most people told me a 20inch wouldn’t be very good for street, but I was too excited about riding BMX tires and got one anyway.

  1. My Uni:
    All I changed is the wheel. I am riding the same low seat and 125 cranks, KH frame, KH flatland rim and the 20x2.4 tire.
    You are supposed to ride the tire with really high pressure but I am riding it between 35-40 PSI (2,4-2,7 bar).

  2. Rolls, coasts, scuffing etc.
    It definitely rolls faster and a lot smoother than a trials uni. When I got on it for the first time I was so impressed how nice it feels to just ride it.
    At first it took a while to get used to the speed but now I don’t want to go back. I don’t “get stuck” in rolls anymore and everything feels smoother.
    Also for coasting, scuffing, baywalk, side ww and so on it is a lot nicer. The tire is really grippy but rolls better.

  3. Spins and flips (on flat)
    It spins fast! It scared me at first when my unicycle would always 720 when i tried to 540 but just like the roll speed it’s just something you get used to and then it feels normal.
    For flips it just feels about the same for me.

  4. “bouncyness”
    Even though 40 PSI might sound really high, it’s not. I don’t know how to explain that but If I put 35 PSI in my 19" trials uni it would feel like someone filled up my tire with cement.
    Riding 40 PSI in this tire feels nice. It’s enough pressure to do 5 sets (probably more, haven’t tried) but still feels bouncy when I just hop before I do my rolls.

  5. Street
    As I mentioned in “bouncyness” haven’t tried anything bigger than 5 sets but it’s totally fine for that. I also did some skatepark rails, gaps and hopped up stuff. You can feel that there’s more air in the tire but the landings aren’t really less comfortable. I even like it better. It’s bouncy and I can get the same hight with a 2.4 tire as with my 2.5 try all.
    Also many people have told me about getting lots of pinch flats riding BMX rims. With the KH rim being 47mm this hasn’t been an issue for me so far.

If you are looking for a flatland unicycle you can also ride (small) street with this is definitely good for you. If you want to do trials or really big street 19" is probably still the way to go. (you get stuck in pallets… learned that the painful way )

I love my unicycle and don’t want to go back for now.:slight_smile:

Here are some riding clips: Flatland Uni

Great video. Your flatland moves are really neat. Well done.

Thanks Sophia for the review, and posting it in both Uni Chat and here. Good information for sure.