BMX flatland anyone??

well i was looking for a new hobbie then i saw this sick bmx flatland movie… Therefor i baught a bmx flatland bike… after about 2 hours i learned this I was wondering if any one else here did flatland too???

I do it!

I havent been able to in a long time, cause my bike was stolen, so now all i have left is my uni, and the other uni I broke a few days ago.

Theres a lot of tricks that you can learn really fast, do a google search, youll find lots of written out guides to do tricks, and its great fun, and looks really nice when done smoothly.

Goodjob on the tailwhip, just gotta stick the landing and ride off and youll have it, now for firehydrents, cherry pickers, rock walks (sp?), decades, the list goes on.


i don’t do it but I think I might start. i was going to start it until i got into unicycling. I liked it alot and I could do just really little. i might start but I still think unicycling will be better

so now i will have some uni and some flatland bmx in my movies… oh yeah the bike i got was a DK signal 06… i love it… i also love my uni…

I used to ride a really old mongoose rouge, One thing that was very easy to me, and impressed the most people, is to ride, put your feet on the frame right by your seat, then stand up and ride no handed standing up, I would do it on busy rodes that would be sloped downwards and keep up with the cars, if i fell, it would suck, luckily i never wrecked.

thats pretty cool, i have always enjoyed watching that type of stuff.

I have a slightly used Redline Bmx bike for sale for about $275. It has brand new grips, brake calipers, brake cables and brake housing.

go to they have videos on tricks and tell you how to do the trick to

did u have a little platform thing ?? under the seat??

You don’t really need a platform for that trick, but it helps. The trick is called a framestand. If you get really good at it, you can try it one footed. Then try a backwards framestand. Thats a good deal harder.
There is also “surfing”, where one foot is on the handlebars and the other is on the seat. Fun trick. And if you are really brave, try a “bar ride” where both foot are on the handlegrips and you stand up and try to stay balanced. I never tried that one, but can do all the others quite well!

yeah, surfing is really easy.

how hard is it too learn flatland stuff? I can’t bike at all…

At the last melbourne unicycle meet there was a big group of flatland bmx…ists just near where we were. It was insane the stuff that they were doing. If i didn’t unicycle, i’d definately take it up.

I stilll can’t get over the stuff that they were doing!!

well… to answer the question in the origional post, no i don’t flatland bmx.


I used to ride BMX. I used to ride street and park, but when i discovered unicycling i switched. I was really heavily into it and almost started my own company A lot of content on the site is down because i am replacing it with unicycle related stuff.
The url is voodoo-unicycles because i am starting to swap Bmx stuff for Unicycle stuff.

Rock on!

do them both

Can’t afford to, not enough time or money!

Surfing is not that easy! Maybe for you it is, some people are a natural at it. My old riding buddy was like that, he could ride in tight little circle and even propel himself by pumping the bike while surfing! He could also go down hills at insane speed and be totally relaxed, standing on top of the bike. I’ve also seen him whip it out and start peeing while surfing. Thats funny!:smiley:

o ok

i do a little of flatland