who is going i hope to go as long as i can get time off work!i have a nice now muddy newish muni already to tear up the single tracks of wales!

I shall be…:slight_smile:

when we had the thread about organising it loads of ppl said they will be coming.

i will put details up about camping and stuff at the end of next week (as i going on hols on sun)

see you at the BMW


out of interest are all the routes going to be XC or have you got some ideas about some ‘downhill’ routes (my preference! )

Simon :sunglasses:


well the afan argoed has mainly XC but if people want to do DH on the second day or late on the first we can drive for about 40mins to some really good DH.
what you think?

that will be great xc on a 24" with 170’s! o well will be a chance to meet people i guess

Some of the XC at afan IS downhill! Some of it is up-hill, ben you will be fine on your 170s, probadly thrash me on the hills again. Its BMW there will be all sorts of riders on all sorts of unis there. even some on 20s and some on street tyres if previous years are anything to go by.


XC -v- DH

I would be very happy to drive about 40 mins on both days as I would prefer more DH than XC.

Aaron might also but I dont know who else will?


I’ll do the one which most people go on :slight_smile:

Are we talking about popping over to Cwmcarn? You can drive to the top and then ride down there. That could be fun if we can organise some kind of car share thing. I’m happy to drive up a couple of times if someone will do the same for me.



yea - is that two for DH - the lift thing sounds good nick - I dont mind sorting out some lifts etc.


I hope to be able to make it, not sure yet.

I’m for DH rather than XC. Lifts to the top is my kind of thing, I don’t go in for this “DH is better when you’ve ridden up” for me DH is worse when I’ve ridden up, but thats my fitness level :wink:

Cheers, Gary

DH is best!!!


give me five:D


Looking on the map it seems there’s a helluva lorra contour lines on this so-called “XC” bit… :slight_smile:


well its always the same different people want to do different things cant please everyone

once we all meet up it looks as if its going to be a case of sort out who want to do what then go and do it

but anyway the DH i was thinking about is near Mountain ash its amazing and then there is a place near Treforest called the taff buggy trails. both of which are part of the dragon DH series. good quality tracks. they both involve a bit of walking though!


well it all depends on how the hell i am gonna get there!Sounds great though something to look forward to after my G.C.S.E’s :smiley: