BMW 2005 Video

Hey all, thats right, I’ve finally got off my arse and put together the montage of footage that I took at the British Muni Weekend waaaay back in June! Serves me right for having a proper job to do :roll_eyes: . Now I’m off on hols for two weeks I’ll see what I can do about getting the Darlington Trials / Ridewell Video put together too.

BMW Video (43.6mb, WMV v9)



hey cool video. thanks for sharing. looks like a lot of falling but good time.

Really nice…

Only, it’s only descending! No going just stright ahead or upwards, only downhill, all the time, exept some jumps over a small creek, and so on…

Was all of your riding downwards? :slight_smile:

This is the ultimate fun video!!

Thanks for sharing it.

great video!

I especially liked the 180 unispin to stand-up one-footed wheelwalk.

No helmets?

Looks fun.

Thanks for all the comments!

Thats actually a byproduct of the way the footage was filmed. The trails we were riding were smooth and fast, so no chances to dismount and film. But once we got to an interesting technical area (off the main track) we got the chance to film stuff. Which is why all the footage is very similar and shot on similar terrain.

I had one on! The terrain wasn’t very difficult and the footage is all of the slow group, so we weren’t zooming along rocky trails. It was personal rider preference I think, and I always wear mine out of habit now.