BMW 2004/2 - Cumbria

We have a problem!

We had planned to include an exciting new trail in BMW 2004/2 but unfortunately it is unlikely to be fully completed by September. We really do wish to share this trail with you all!! – you will NOT be disappointed!

It should be finished late Autumn, so the only way we can include this trail is to do it next year.

Two Options - We could either postpone our BMW till next year or alternatively we could still have it in September 04 on Classic Lakeland bridleways AND hold one of two BMW’s again next year ie BMW hogs.

I know Sara also wants to hold a BMW in the SW so we could have BMW 2005/1 in the NW and BMW 2005/2 in the SW. What about it Sara?

What is the general consensus?


Two BMWs sounds good to me.

I personally wouldn’t object that much to having two cumbria muni weekends. I imagine that cumbria has just about enough good routes to justify 2 BMW’s.


To be honest, I can’t see why you are considering postponing the BMW in September just because one trail will not be ready in time. Surely there’s plenty of other fine ones to satisfy all.

I think you should stick with your original date.

BTW, I’m all for two BMW’s next year.

Steve :roll_eyes:

I was considering the option of postponing the date because I didn’t want to be seen as hogging BMW. As I said I really do want to share this new route with everybody - it is, without exaggeration, really awesome!

I know without an organised event the majority of people would not necessarily get to ride in such places, (some people even have trouble finding the Lake District!) so the answer is to include it in a separate BMW.

I am glad you like the idea of two BMW’s next year.



ps - dont forget Cumbria Muni Day Sat 7th August - Walna Sca Road - starts just west of Coniston - details posted shortly.

So what the details about BMW 2004/2 Cumbria Sept 24-26 as advertised on the cumbria muni club web page?

Its getting closer, pauls booked time off, I’ve blocked out that weekend in the diary…
So where and when are we meeting up? Whats the nearest pub like?


Yes it is still going ahead - sorry we have been a bit busy preparing some other uni type things. Should be in a position to post the full details hopefully next week! We are out filming with the BBC this weekend!

Regarding our problem which was the origin of this post we will be organising a full muni weekend in June 05 which will include the trails we could not include this year. Whether it is going to be called a BMW or not I am not really bothered. Probably going to call it CMW 05.



Any chance of knowing at least which OS maps we’ll be riding on and which train station is nearest soon, so I can at least plan getting myself there - I think sometimes train tickets are cheaper if bought 2 weeks in advance or something odd like that.

Are we going to get some good long fast rides in, from walking I’ve done in the lakes, I remember there being some really good big routes out there up and over massive hills? I’m feeling quite energetic at the moment, I’ve been riding 20 miles a day on road and easy offroad for a few weeks.

Oh and one other thing, 26" or 29" wheel, ie. is it mostly big cross-country style mountain bridleways, or very technical singletrack or bits of both?

By the way, I’d suggest you name your weekend next year BMW too, as in my experience you get at least twice as many people turning up if something is called BMW rather than some other muni weekend.



Full details will hopefully be posted tomorrow or later on today. It’s going to be 26 or 24 inch teritory for sure though, and preferably a brake :stuck_out_tongue:
And at least one ride will be rocky technical, the other probably not so much although still fairly, yes there are BIG hills here, but be perpared to walk up first…





It is a Muni RIDE! Do you not get it?
I dont mean to sound nasty, harsh or anything else, but I need to tell you!
The ride on saturday was great. well, coming down at least! Why go so steep though? How long did it take us to walk up? About 2 hours or something? I have no idea as i didnt have a watch on. It was painfull and slow walking up, and painful coming down, even if you did have a brake.
It was a great expreiance, but I think flater (I dont mean completely flat, but just so more people can ride more of the trail), and more riding.

I’d much prefer to be riding than walking. If I wanted to walk, I would, but i dont!
A ride should contain at most, 10% walking I think. The less, the better!
Thats the great thing about the BUC muni ride. All of it is ridable. Roseburry Topping, thats steep, and we did have to walk up quite a bit of that, but there was only six of us (I think, maybe 8?). It was also our choice to ride that. If you are in a group, all doing the same trail, it need to be ridable, unless people have a choice of what they want to ride.

If you are talking a large group out, make it ridable!

I hope I dont offend you, its just what I think.
I look forward to riding with you and the club more later in the year, and even more so next year! I am also looking forward to doing some trail building with you guys!

Anyone else have anything to say about walking on muni rides?

Thanks again (my legs are killing after yesterday ride!!)


We’ve talked about this many times before, I also prefer to ride most of the way. I’m sorry I said that, I was just preparing those who arn’t particularly keen in hard rides up. I also don’t like walking up steep and MUCH prefer less steep stuff especially if it’s technical (however you don’t get a technical ride down if you don’t walk up unless you can ride up rocky techinical paths…) Would people prefer the more technical (not steep :angry: ) ride on the sunday or the saturday??? Please reply which you would prefer.

Originally posted by pluto
and preferably a brake


Maybe so however I can ride more steep stuff than you can posibly do with my brake and I can also ride steeper DH’s without geting tired…give up phillip…it’s time to give in :stuck_out_tongue:

My own preference is for Xc rides, where the majority of the route is rideable and its a circluar route so eqaul ammounts of up and down. In the lakes I like the ridge rides. I enjoyed the walna scar road and Grizedale forest was fun.

Talking about last years BMW at CyB, I prefered the Longer MBR trail to the red bull, the red bull is bitty and not much fun in a group as it doesn’t flow and you keep on having to stop.


Don’t tell anyone, but he did. About a year ago. He’s just too lazy/disorganised to actually attach the brake to the frame.
Not that I want to stir anything up. Never. Not me.


“Only fat people use brakes aaron” he told me…HA! Fat Phillip has lost the battle :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Sarah about preferring a cross country route, with minimal walking, covering a circular route.

Last years BMW on Snowdon was slightly different, although it involved a long walk up at the end I could say I rode down Snowdon (well a lot of it) the only other 2 places where I’d really want that much walking (on a MUNI event!) would be for the other 2/3rds of the 3 peaks challenge.

If we only want to ride down steep bits we should go somewhere where there are chair lifts so it can be repeated a few times in a day.


Hopefully I should be there; I’ve not been to Cumbria before.

As for ride preferences; I like technical DH, dislike walking, like single track, dislike long distance. Quality over quantity, riding for miles and miles for the sake of it isn’t my preferred riding; I like to challenge my technical abilities whilst enjoying the British countryside.

Oh and as for brakes…no you don’t need them, but yes they are great additions for downhill.

That sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Cheers, Gary

I’ve just got back from a week in the Alps. There were loads of lifts up and really good rides down as well as plenty of xc. I took the two wheeler but it was perfect unicyle territory. It was similar terrain to Afan but much, much BIGGER

Definitely going back next year.

I might even try to organise a unicycle trip if there is any interest. Accomodation and flights are very cheap.


Glad to hear you enjoyed it Nick. And a unicycling trip sounds good to me.

"ride down steep bits " I didn’t say there would be steep stuff at BMW (although there may be that option.) The only person who mentioned steep was Joe.