Blue Shift

For several obvious reasons, the uni.5 SH 29er (formerly named unijess by default, as are ALL of my unnamed unicycles) will be renamed Blue Shift.

I fell off of Blue Shift today. This was not a UPD. It went bouncing down the tarmack behind me. My left foot went down; my right foot didn’t have a chance. I was going well beyond the run-out speed. The old tuck-and-roll gave me a light scape on the right knee, a touch on the right hip, over to the right shoulder and back (thank you Mr. Hyration Pack), and onto the helmet for the roll.

Did I have enough sense to slow down after that? For about 30 seconds maybe. What’s the fun in slowing down? I just didn’t fall any more.

The seat creaking is gone. Lubing the rocking surfaces of the rail clamp does the trick for those of you who are outfitted with one.

I guess that’d make my 16" with long cranks “Red Shift”

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Any idea on your top speed?


Red Shift refers to the shifting of the light spectrum from something emitting light and moving quickly AWAY from you. Similarly, Blue Shift refers to something moving quickly TOWARD you. Also something BLUE that you can SHIFT, ha, ha, ha, ha. Sorry. So I take it you’re fast on a long cranked 16" then?

I was just at the bottom of a fairly steep hill and I thought I was in control somewhere between 15 to 20 mph. I can hear the ever-quotable Jerry Gruss saying, “you’re gonna pick up some speed.” It was a bump at the bottom of the hill that I didn’t see that launched me.

Please, no seductive pics of you in your blue shift!

Yes I know - I was simply ignoreing my Physics for the sake of a feeble pun.
The Doppler effect is not the best subject for a pun - perhaps I should have simply said red.

On the contrary, what speed would your legs have to go to make a long-cranked 16" go at 15mph? If that’s not fast, I don’t know what is…

Phil, just me

U-Turn has ‘thrown down the negligee’. Walk-off, anyone?


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harper <> writes:

> Blue Shift refers to something moving quickly TOWARD you. Also
> something BLUE that you can SHIFT, ha, ha, ha, ha. Sorry.
> –
> harper - Blue Shift Pilot

I was thinking it could equally describe the rider’s experience
as his forward view blue-shifts at those relativistic speeds.
See from an observer’s view it would inevitably red-shift as
the high-speed craft zooms ahead of the chasing observer.

Perhaps blue-shift refers to the colour of the bruises one
acquires while doing UPD’s at 45kmh.

I am just jealous. Like the rest of us mere mortals, I’d
sell my soul for a Harper-Hub.

Gardner Buchanan <>
Ottawa, ON FreeBSD: Where you want to go. Today.

Re: You are SOOooo clever

Excellent. I had overlooked that. Thanks, Gardner.

Re: Blue Shift

I hope this isn’t the beginning of a vicious cycle, for Bruce’s sake, and then my own (yes, the axle has been changed).

Glad you’re okay, Greg.
Scrape on the knee?? Were the 661’s still in protective custody?

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Vicious cycle? Is that some kind of pun?

Yes, I was cleverly protecting my 661 gear for MUni rides. I wore the 4x4’s and the 2x4’s both today after yesterday’s little spill.

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No pun intended. However, that thing could be vicious at high speed; absolutely beautiful at any speed.
I just hope the high speed crashes don’t continue. You, Bruce, and myself have been very lucky. We’re too *ld to be bouncing down the pavement.

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Perhaps 'blue shift ’ refers to the change of vocabulary arising from a high speed UPD

Re: Re: Re: Blue Shift

Or the change in one’s mood arising from the additional data supporting one’s mortality.

More cleverness

This is great! You guys keep coming up with more and more reasons. I thought I had covered it already. Yeah, you should have heard my vocabulary shift to blue as I was goin’ down. Or seen my mood as I apprehensively walked back to assess the damage to my new unicycle.

More reasons for the name

How about the shift from look forward to looking at the blue sky when you fall on your back, or the shift to seeing water all around when you’re going too fast and can’t stop and you fall into a lake. :wink:

Re: More reasons for the name

York University has the largest plastic-lined lake in the centre… and I have come close on a few occasions to seeing it from within its perimeter…

However the view would be more sludgy-brown than blue… :slight_smile:

Phil, just me