blizzard vs. try all

hey every body i love the white tire look ok but i dont know the tire i want …what one do u think i should get the nimbus blizzard or the try all white :thinking:

and if it matters i ride trials

i wouldn’t get the blizzard. from what i’ve been readin in this thread: The Official 19" Trials Tyre Thread

it’s the same as the echo/sticky fingers. it looks the same on udc anyway.

and i think the sticky fingers really sucks for bounce. i like the cc way better. i’ve never tried a tryall, but if i was going to get either one, i’d choose the tryall. i eventually want to get a tryall.

Both tires seems to flop a lot… I got blizzard a week ago and like it even tho it’s flopping sometimes :slight_smile:

I ride a bit of trials and at the moment I have a Blizzard tire. Before that I had a CC and I got way more bounce with the CC than the Blizzard. Blizzard is heavier too.
I haven’t either had a Try all tire, but from the times that I’ve tried other uni’s, it’s good. So I’d get a Try all one :wink:

thanks i think im gonna go with the blizzard + try all is so hard to find in us

yea idk really know yet i cant seem to find a try all at all in the u.s

thanks julia

go with the try all. unless you change your mind about the white. then go with a creepy crawler or eagle claw.

For trials just get an Eagle Claw and be happy… So far the best tire… Monty have the trials knowledge :p!

Does anyone know where to get a Eagle Claw in the U.S. ?

Not sure if they have the eagle claw, but they have a 20(19)/2.5 listed over there for 57 Bucks!

I think I already emailed them a while ago, I think it was a MEC, you should email again though just to be sure, then tell us if it is or not, I’m looking for one too:p

the new try all light is the best out there right now i think? or mec?