Blizzard 24" Muni frame

Selling my Joe Rowing “Blizzard” model Muni frame, 24" size, reinforced long neck, 22.2mm seat tube w/ dual pinch bolts, black powdercoat, dual sets of Magura brake mounts (normal set for std. rims and wide set for Large Marge rim), fits 3" tires, and comes with a pair of 40mm bearings that fit the Profile Poznanter axle (19mm ID).
Pricey when new, so $200. for this black beauty.
Pete Perron (Seattle area)
soulskater(at)netos(dot)com or PM me.


Here’s a close-up of the brake mounts:


that is an extremely good looking frame. how much does it weigh?

ooo, these are kinda rare in the uni world. Nice frame

I have no accurate way to weigh it. Feels like a couple pounds, certainly no more than a few. The tubing is 1/2".

I also have 40mm OD bearings that fit a KH axle (20mm), so the buyer gets to choose which pair of bearings you want with this frame. The best thing about it is that even with a 3" tire, the frame is only 4.3" total width.

OK, I’ll consider any reasonable offer in the next couple weeks. Then eBay.

I’ll take it! PM sent.