black zebra with carbon/KH 09?

hi everybody…

Can somebody tell my what’s best a Black zebra with carbon base or the new KH 09 saddle???

black zebra with CF base. 09 KH saddle is really fat

thakns pat… it would also be my best shot but i would first hear if anyone was disagree.

The CF base is always best pretty much. The new KH seat also isn’t as compatible with older parts if you break the rear bumper.

Generally if you want the ultimate, it is still the CF base.

Take my advice and wait a month or two - I’m saying nothing else so don’t ask!

I think I know what you are talking about :wink:

i may know what this is about…

I already saw something :wink:

I’d suggest to wait too.

i wouldsuggest waitng to see whats coming…

but i do love my kh 09 saddle with stiffner plate

I do to its just the 09 saddle is pretty fat