Black Spirit Cranks?

I’ve seen a few pictures with black KH Spirit cranks. As my new build will have a brakr rotor with a black spider, I think it would be nice to attach it to a black crank.

For those who own a pair of black ones: where did you get them or how did you paint them?

I think normal spraypaint as well as things like platidip will not last for long as I will use a Schlumpf hub and so my shoes will rub an the cranks verry often.

Would it be possible to anodize them? what would anodizing do to the threads and ISIS splines? They can not be covered while anodizng. Or does it have to be anodized before threads and splines are machined?

I saw a pair on UDC-UK’s Instagram feed a couple of weeks ago. They probably have more info.

I’ve seen poor reports on spray painting and powder-coating cranks as it just wears right off. I’ve been wondering for a while though whether it would work to spray paint but follow with several layers of polyurethane clear coat. Having used polyurethane on multiple floors I know that it can stand up reasonably well to being walked on so it seems like it could stand up to being a crank coating.

In that picture it looks like the cranks were powder coated.

I think anodizing sounds like a possibility. I think the Mad4Ones I have are black anodized, and it holds up to wear, although there are silver spots where I’ve hit things and dinged them. I don’t think it would affect the threaded or splined area if you did it after the fact, but that’s just my opinion.