Black n Blue, scrapped and sore...

I am a very basic beginner, I used to ride when I was a kid and…well you know how the story goes I decided to re-enter the Unicycle world this past April. Wow, what a change! I bought a little Sun 20" for $90.00 to make sure I could actually get on and ride. That wasn’t a problem it took two attempts the second attempt I was off and riding. The second day I once again could manage to free mount.

In any case, I went on my second official Muni ride this morning. My goal is to wake up about 2 hours early and go each morning before work. First, I find it difficult to ride in the mud with the Sun tends to just bury into the mud and go no where. :frowning: Once I did get going it was fun, and challenging. I enjoyed every minute.

After yesterday’s ride, I came home after a few errands and jumped on my Sun in my driveway, I don’t think I had a complete rotation and BAM! down I went right in my driveway. OUCH! Worst fall I have had, scrapped my knees, elbows and definitely my pride. :o

Well I woke up this morning and went back out, sore as sore could be. It didn’t bother me while I was riding and I don’t let it bother me period, to me the bruises and scrapes are more of a badge of honor and I take pride that my legs look horrible. 661s are going to be ordered, just not sure where to buy them or which ones.

To my amazement especially from where I am from, people were actually nice. :astonished: Trust me most people here tend to just say the circus or missing one wheel comments. But Saturday morning and this morning were great. Yesterday two ladies were walking the trail and stopped me and asked me about riding. I talked to them for awhile, they were surprised how far I went. (When I ran into them I was pretty much exhausted and could barely ride.):o

This morning a couple actually chased me down because they couldn’t believe I was unicycling in the woods, they were amazed. She was an older woman (older than myself I think) who said she had an old unicycle hanging in her garage that she used to ride. I tried to convince her she should get it down and attempt it again, but I don’t think I made a convincing argument. Anyway I don’t want to bore you more but I wanted to share with people who might appreciate my ride. Question… when do I stop being so tired I just fall. :thinking:

It all gets better with time. Keep riding.

If you are going to be riding off-road, get something with a fat tire and at least a 24-inch wheel. It works better and you will have much more fun.

Welcome back to the one-wheeled world. (You did not mention which age group you fit into.)

I didn’t mention age group but I would say yours, I just bought a KH 20". I guess I should have waited and bought a 24". MuniAddict told me a 24" was best but I was anxious. :frowning:

Crap. . .every time I Muni I try and go until I hit that point. That’s how I know it’s been a good riding day!

That’s a good point. That is how I have been doing it each time, well that plus a little more :astonished: Good to know, very cool. :sunglasses: :D:D

OOOOooooh, there is nothing wrong with saving for a second uni. I have the Nimbus 24 Muni and it is a good uni for dirt. I love taking the trails but just get frustrated when they are too steep for me. I don’t like walking the steep sections. Lots of goals to shoot for. I practice on really steep pavement and then attempt moderate dirt climbs. It’s all fun, frustrations and all.