Black Forrest Mountain Unicycling

We recently filmed a bit on a Muni weekend, and here is the finished product:

Great trails, great people, great riding.


Amazing level of riders there especially on freewheel!

Having just started on freewheel I have no idea of to keep balanced on flat terrain let alone ground like that so I take my hat off to all.

Yes, seeing that live did make me want to get a freewheel, too.

I bet it was amazing to watch live as videos don’t always do justice and show it fully especially on downhill.

Have you tried one of your friends freewheels ?

I have tried freewheels in the past and I can ride around on easy trails okay, but since it’s never my setup, I don’t know how it is to be fully comfortable on one. I’m quite fussy on how I like my brake and my handle, but when I borrow someone elses unicycle for a short bit I won’t change it.

I think it would be a good thing to practice for me, I have developed a bit of a habit of riding too far off the back, which doesn’t work too well on freewheels. It seems to me that it rewards having a smooth riding style and a neutral body position. (Which is probably why Timo got good on his very quickly).

That’s impressive that you don’t own one but have managed to be able to ride them just by having gos on friends. I think we all set our unicycles how we want them with little set up tweaks.

I do have a question for you In regards to one of your videos which il ask on the thread if I can’t work it out myself!

I like the trails and your flowy style of riding! Nice edit, also.
In the first ~40 seconds I thought “yeah, I could do that”, but my feelings changed after that, haha! I started working on steep downhills this year but my skills still need some time!

Thank you!

I think these trails were extremely good to ride, the steep sections were mostly pretty grippy and ended on a nice and flat forrest road, so commiting to them didn’t feel too crazy. (Despite the camera as always not doing them justice on how steep they actually were.) Sometimes it’s almost like doing a drop, you don’t have much control in the middle, but set up a good line at the start and catch yourself at the bottom.