Black Fly Challenge anyone? (12-Jun-2010: 40 mile race: Upstate NY, US)

There’s a popular MTB/CX race in upstate NY called the Black Fly Challenge. So named for the dreaded Adirondack Black Fly, particularly menacing in NE North America, in wet and mountainous areas, during the May and June months.

So on June 12, 2010, this is a 40 mile race on mostly good dirt roads, through a wet and mountainous portion of the Adirondack mountains in upstate NY, US. They say there’s little or no single track, and even some paved road riding.

I just got emailed permission from the race director, so I’m DEFINITELY* IN! (*unless Rose, my wife tells me a good reason I can’t, or, well, any reason)

No, but really, I’m in. Anyone interested?

Sounds just about perfect for a coker.

I’m tempted, but it’s upper upstate from my perspective, so maybe a bit far.

It’s about 2hrs 45min from my house. Anyone from further south could pit-stop/overnight at my house.

Just bumping this thread a month prior to the race.

38.4 miles, mostly dirt roads, through the ADK mountains (plenty o’ climbin’).

It’s only 2 hours from my house, not 2:45, not too bad. Anyone who wants to can crash at my place. We’ll leave early Saturday AM (June 12, 2010).

Come-on uni-folks!

OK, last thread bump, two days prior to the race.

It’s looking like it could be muddy, which is going to up the difficulty a bit, but hopefully slow down the bikes, too. We’ve had a bit of rain, and there’s more rain possibly coming on race-day. This may end up being the hardest ride I’ve ever done. 30+ miles on dirt roads and 8ish miles paved at the end. The good thing is the first 20 miles are the hardest and hilliest, and the last 18 miles are mostly downhill.

I’ll do a write-up after.

Anyone want to come along (last minute entry)?

I look forward to the day when I feel capable. I know I’m getting better and better but I typically ride less than 10 miles at a time (though often on hilly single track)

Anyway, I hope to ride that kind of race some day… so keep announcing them!

Enjoy the ride, Steve. I’m looking forward to reading the writeup.

Good luck Steve! I’m extremely envious! It’s very hot and humid down my way these days, very tough to want to get out in it! Yuck! Dreaming of some nice fall riding however…

Steve, I hope you had a great time. I so would have tried this had I read it in time. Probably would have come in dead last, but it still would have been fun. Maybe next year. :frowning: I hope you let us know how you did and if you have pics I for one would enjoy seeing some.

Thanks Ally. It was great, and really hard. Do you ride long, gnarly stuff like that?

For a question from another thread:

Yes, I was 289th/319 finishers, and I barely surpassed my goal of 4 hours. (3:58.40)

I was riding KH29 w/Schlumpf hub, MTB Stout tire, Nimbus Shadow handlebar (uncut straight bar) with a V-brake. Lengthy write-up in progress. :smiley:

I was riding KH29 w/Schlumpf hub, MTB Stout tire, Nimbus Shadow handlebar (uncut straight bar) with a V-brake.

Oh yeah…and 137mm cranks.

Unfortunately, nooo, not yet, just really started riding this year but coming along well. I can do normal trail riding with little technical. I have been managing hills up/down pretty decently, some on cement, some dirt hills.
I guess I got the impression that it wasn’t going to be too gnarly mainly a distance thing. Maybe by next year, probably good I didn’t see this in time, would have killed myself…instead of it :o

Glad you had a great time and hard always makes it a fun ride to look back on.

BLACK FLY - the write-up

Here’s a write-up of my experience at the Black Fly race, 12-June-2010. (warning: LENGTHY)


Way to go! Thanks for the inspiring write-up!

Black fly 2011

The race is on again this year, I just signed up, will give it a go on my 26er guni. Anyone else going?

That’s my response from last year.
Unfortunately my response is the same this year. I know I’m stronger and better, but I still tend to do no more than about 2 hours of riding at a time… though often on hilly singletrack. Usually no more than 12 miles.
Maybe I should make this race a goal for next year.

If you dont push the envelope you don’t know what’s possible.


Ps. Lodging available in long lake fri night w some mtb’ers

True. But that’s not the envelope I’m pushing right now. Next year perhaps.