BJC2k ( thats british juggling convention 2000 for j.russel)

was great fun, lots of unicyclists went for a ride on the friday and a few om
the saturday and sunday too. On friday we rode the Solar system all the way from
the Sun to Pluto, along a 10km stretch of cycle track to riccal where Clares
friends feed 18 smelly unicyclists at a BBQ lunch, what nice friends Clare has.
Then a small group of coker heads rode back aong the path while the sensible
people took the bus back to campus. After that effert an even smaller group (
Roger, Paul and I ) rode back to campus( trip total of 26 miles).

Saturday saw a few of us ride into town for the prade and games, there were a
number of giraffes in the prade, from a 3 wheeler down to the mini giraffe which
I rode and got a fine veiw of peoples legs. the games included two rounds of uni
gladiators, much rough and tumble fun ensued. Other games high lights for me
were watching the 5 ball endurane take place in the flight path of the diablo
tossrunandcatch, and gandini galdatiors being joined by a new disipline,
kamasutra gladiators. then it started to rain so we went to the pub and caught
the bus back to campus.

One gripe about the weekend, NO Hockey, it just coudn’t happen as when there
were lots of unicyclists wanting to play it was always raining and the only
indoor hall we were allowed to ride in was always full of jugglers( and mr cake
practiseing , but thats another gripe…)

No Unicyles in the show, but a very nervous BMXer did his stuff and suffered
with the polished stage floor. The Celidh dance on Thursday was enjoyed my many,
including a small group of uniers, we tried the eight some wheel and nearly got
it right, had a good time in other dances which we knew a little better. This
lead to a uni dance workshop on saturday at which an all unicycle set worked up
to dancing “strip the willow” something I’ve wanted to try for ages, thanks to
every body who took part in that workshop.

Sunday saw a scaled down IUF obstacle course set up in the hall for people to
try out, mark ruston turning in a very fast 40 second run eventully, well he was
on a coker. Than a Unicycle orienteering race was tacked by a very small group
of riders, some racing, others enjoying the chance to explore the campus in
sunshine, the rain having finally stopped.

It was good to see so many unicyclists at the BJC, I hope to see some of them
again next month at the BMW…for some more orienteering. sarah