BIU Trials Expert

ok heres the back it up expert alot of people wanted.Rules are same as usual.Post certain rules that apply after your video clip.

Ok to start it off you must do a 215cm+ static gap si or sif

nice :slight_smile:

I don’t think I can gap that far…, but I will try it today :roll_eyes:

sweeet i’ll back it up tomorrow if no one else has.
and if the weather is good.

Well the main reason for back it up is to push people to improve so thats what im doing :smiley:

would love to join, if it wasn’t 70 cm snow! :roll_eyes: but i will try to dig out some pallets and remove some snow! :smiley:

Commitment! :sunglasses:


I did the 215cm static gap SI, and finished it with a 105cm hop.


Hey, not that i can do any of this yet but for highjump (not gapping) could we do rolling hops instead of sidehops?

id say you could do it with a rolling hop but thats up to kevin.

lol that 105cm clip is old but oh well i guess it still counts

I guess it would be aiight, as long as you make it up.

Be nice, he broke his uni :stuck_out_tongue:

so is anyone gonna back up kevins 105cm hop ?

No, I have a bad foot and cant ride :frowning:

looks like its just me n you :stuck_out_tongue:
back me up

I will join when I can, just my foot is realy bad and got a lot worse after trying to ride yesterday. BMW is coming up this weekend so I am trying to rest it so I can be fit for that.

I just can jump 100cm :smiley: I don’t think I can jump 105 cm :stuck_out_tongue:

wicked, i look forward to when you can join.

Hope your foot gets better!

Sure you can ,go out an do it i demand you !!

lol I will try it Saturday ( now I go on holiday :p)