Made a movie to myself on my birthday today :wink: Please comment on vimeo and here :slight_smile:

Not bad. You’ve got some good skills.

Personally, the fish-eye lens gets to be a little much after a while.

And welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday! :smiley:
Nice video! I thought it wouldn’t be that good, 'cause i saw that you only had one post, which made me think that it would show things like 1spin and 40 cm hops. You are waaay better than me at flat, but i would like to see some of your flips down sets.
Good job!

nice, the backfoot army grows!

nice video man!

and Happy Birthday!!!

yeah really cool video and happy birthday

I agree, Nice video and welcome to the forums but I’m really tired of being able to see the edges of people’s fisheye lenses… the camera has a zoom function, you can zoom in so that the edge of the lens can’t be seen and you still get the same effect minus feeling like you’re watching someone ride at the end of a tunnel…


Thanks everyone!