Birthday Uni Challenges (3!) for age 65

First challenge was to climb a local Steep Hill that’s measured at 32% grade. 2nd challenge was to hop up and down a fixed platform 65 x up in 65 x down. The first two kicked my butt big time, and I barely talk after each one, haha! Third challenge was going to be a 65-mile ride my age but had a sudden blowout at mile 22, due to an ill-fitting tire. I’m going to reschedule the ride for the next couple of weeks. :grimacing:


Terry, AMAZING, and that’s from another hard core old guy. Keep on keepin on (the seat) ! You verify that we don’t have to stop enjoying OUR challenges because of age, you are an inspiration!

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Thanks lobbybopster!

A belated happy birthday to you terry and absolute fair play to you espically with the hill challenge!!

How bad luck was your blow out sadly , What pressure do you run in your 36" ?

I have never ridden a 36" as where i live there is nowhere i could make use of it as it is so busy and built up.


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Thank you! :+1:

Happy birthday Terry!

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Thanks! :grin:

Happy birthday! :grinning:
I love your videos

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Thanks wheeliekid! :+1: