Birthday Challenge in Prentiss, MS completed


Unibiker and I met at Prentiss, MS for the birthday challenge. Basically, you walk, run, skate, rollerblade, or cycle your age in kilometers. It took place on the LongLeaf Trace (41 miles of rails-to-trails) and was a total blast! Jeff rode a bike but popped a wheelie and rode it the whole way. I rode my 29" Sem with nanoraptor tube. What a comfortable ride with the KH seat. Almost no saddle soreness, though maybe I’m getting used to it.

I did 36 kilometers in, if I remember Jeff’s comment, about 2:45. I think that comes out to an average of 8.1 miles per hour or so, according to google ( ). That’s not too bad I guess considering I’m a novice distance rider, and considering I got off like 6 times (usually for about 2 minutes per rest but twice I stopped at water stations to stretch and eat a bar and let folks snap pics of me). So, I was pleased.

Anyway, it was a picture perfect day, and it was fun representing unicyclists everywhere just by being there. :slight_smile: In particular, I represented the Memphis Unicycle Club by being pleasant and wearing my MUC shirt.

What a great unicycling day, and what a pleasure it was to meet Jeff (Unibiker). Unicyclists continue to amaze me by being such cool folks time and time again. Also, all the people running the Birthday Challenge and manning the water stations were very kind as well. I decided not to stick around for the bands and fireworks since I prefer not to drive at night on poorly lit back highways. :slight_smile:

I may attach a photo in a bit. Great meeting ya Unibiker!



I added a very small set of pics, mostly just pics of me and UniBiker, with a pic I stopped to snap of someone’s yard along the way:

I wish I had had more time to snap pics on the trail because its beautiful and scenic. More pics can be seen of the trail on the website for the trail:


It’s a good start, Lewis. Now, get Tommy and Rhysling and come on up my way. Congratulations on your ride.


Thanks. Chris is out of commission for anything beyond, say, assembling a new computer. For example. Tommy, he stays busy. But I’d love to come visit, I’ve always wanted to get my butt kicked by trails way beyond the local trails that kick my butt.


Re: Birthday Challenge in Prentiss, MS completed

And I didn’t even break a spoke! Now I’ll probably be foolish and put off re-lacing the weak wheel.

Enjoyed the ride Lewis. However, I should have joined you at the rest areas. You were in much better shape at the end of the day.

Lookin’ forward to the next one.