This is what happens if you don’t ride very much:

A pair of blackbirds are building a nest on top of the saddle of my 20" :smile:

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That’s so cute. Reminds me of

I think the blackbirds’ legs will be a bit too short even for a 20" with the seat post cut down… :slight_smile:

Anyhow, it is just as well that you have a few other unis to keep you going while they lay claim to that one – and a good excuse to buy another.

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Yes, I will use the 24" and the 26" instead :smile:
I have taken them down and put them on the floor instead of having them hanging on the board, hoping the birds still will use the nest. (The 29" in the corner is not in use. I am not good at mounting it, so I don’t ride it any longer.)
BR Sanne

Crazy and funny! :crazy_face:

I think the birds are expecting you to sit in the saddle and hatch their brood for them.

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Birds with a good taste!
Though I‘m asking myself: did they really choose the most comfortable saddle? I‘m not good at identifying them, but the one to the left with the green parts resembles my Nimbus gel. If it really is one, that would be a bit softer than the Qu-Ax they built their nest on…

Edit: Oh wait, I got it! They‘re more into uni-hockey and they made the perfect choice. :white_check_mark:

Hello Wheelou

It is a Kris Holm saddle that I got together with the 26" Qu-Ax with alu-frame - a swap I asked for while buying it (from the standard black saddle).

Spot on! I have played hockey, but unfortunately too few members signed up for hockey in my club this year …

BR Sanne

Hopefully the breed is successful and you get a bunch of feathered team mates :wink:
It can be frustrating that there are so few uni riders around; even more so if you‘re looking for someone in a specific niche, like in your case uni-hockey. I‘m looking forward to next sunday, when I hopefully will meet for the first time someone I found via the map of unicyclists to do some muniing. ‘Cause out of the handful unicyclists I already know, no one is currently muniing.

I hope you will have a nice ride :smiley:

@Sanne.Kj Thanks. I do so, too :wink:

Update from yesterday:


Hungry … !

BR, Sanne


So cool! All the best to them.