BIke Trials Event in VT wants good trials riders!!

There was a Toyota truck/suv thing there that if you posed in front of it for a picture you received a free mini toolset with tube patch kit. As soon as we heard that we went over for a group shot haha:

Left to right that would be: Teddy, njmuni, myself, and chexjc.


Okay. I think this is the footage. . What was the prognosis on your ankle?

I think that looked even worse than from the angle I caught it at :expressionless:

Ouch, it didn’t look all that bad from where I originally saw it from but after watching that video that certainly was a pretty brutal fall right on the ankle ack.

Thanks Tim I had a great time riding meeting new riders.
and riding the moutain aa time to practice hickflips thanks to brianO. well mabe after my legs stop.
burning. And hope your ankle is ok corey


Hey Teddy - Congrats on your jumps! (from the Albany old guy who Munis down in LI sometimes.)

Swell time was had. More NE rides need to happen.


Hey guys,

Thanks again to all involved! Results (sorry for day or two delay) are now up on NATS website ( Click on NUMEN 2007 results on the upper left of index page. There are also some pics in the gallery section too! Anyone who has more pics or links to video, please send pics to me at or link to footage.

Before I let you get on to reading results (which is what I know you are looking for!), I would like to pay some thanks to some people. Kris Holm ( and Unicycle dot com ( for some awesome swag. Dirt rag magazine (, Jeff for putting up with my madness and Karen for seeing the value in promoting/hosting such an event. NATS ( for hosting info. Laird, Moriah, Kevin, Ben, Holly, Zak and the whole crew at Granny Gear ( for pateince, understanding, ALOT of help and general coolness. Finally Bob Lundberg of American Bicycle Racing (, who pulled our tail out of the fire a week before the event with proper insurance. Brian Wilson and his very patient fiance’ for video taping/editing/uploading vids to Dirt Rags web page. If you would like to put on a cycling race and don’t know where to go for insurance issues. American Bicycle Racing is the place to go and get the most important (and least interesting!) part of organizing event completed with the help of courteous informative people. …of course the biggest thanks are to those riders and spectators who came out!

I’m sure you meant Nick Wilson (evil-nick) as he did all the video work. However both he and myself got about a gigabyte worth of photographs with my camera, somewhere around 350 photographs so I need to find a way to pick out the best ones and send them over to you. Thanks again Tim, it was an awesome experience.

Ooops, sorry, name corrections have been made. Thanks Brian, Jeff and Pat.

Again I thank all that attended. It was a first time for this sort of event (at least for me), and the learning curve was steep. However all that attended were great with input and that kept things moving along.

I learned ALOT about the skills of UNI riders. But the cool thing was how much better riders were than they thought themselves! We started height and distances really low and all of you surpassed most starting points by a good ammount.

At some point in a month or so, I will start thread on how to improve NUMEN. Given what I learned, there are a number of things that I know would make the competition less epic (i.e. a little more fun jam time!).

Next year I will make sure there is not confict with major UNI and Biketrial events as there was this year.

HUGE thanks to Kris and Ryan for alot of input before the event. There is plenty to talk about for next year!

A thought about the idea of trying to get the comp on live video feed for next year… I think that would be very hard to do and it not be boring.

The best and most entertaining way to cover it I think would be to show the best attempts at one height by each rider, then the next height, and the next…

Had a great time at NUMEN and met a lot of talented riders. Thanks to Tim for putting on a great event for us. Hope to ride with you all again next time.

Here are some pics of the Sunday MUni ride a few of us did on the Killington ski slopes:

Believe it or not my legs are still sore from all of the riding - and I had the luxury of using a brake on the Sunday MUni ride!

If that ride was a lot like your guy’s ride on Ramapo Mountain, I would have walked the whole thing:(

…but I think I could ridden some of those sections :o

It was the most intense MUni I’ve personally ever ridden :). My legs are also still recovering nearly a week past now. My knees have been giving out on me all week. Hopefully they’ll be better tomorrow though, we’re hitting up Ramapo Mountain tomorrow :slight_smile:

Those are some sweet pictures Jeff. I like the one of me smirking with the blood dripping down my knee haha.

that looked like fun…are there some pictures of the trials?


I shot a fair number of stills and incorporated a few of them into a video of the event.

Cool. looked like alot of fun…wish I could have been there.

I’ve got quite a few cool shots which ill get up this weekend, I’ve been rather busy.


How was that downhill compared with the CA MUni weekend we did in Santa Barbara .
That first day made my legs feel like Jello?


I posted my photos from this event over here: NUMEN 2007 Uni Trials Photographs

Thanks again Tim.