Bike trials comp (with me!) PICS.

A lot more riders not shown. I’m in the middle.

8.5ft gap!

45" over. He can of won the highjump competion (by 10 inches:D )

3ft high wobbly skinny up.

50" to rear! WTF!

The bar is set at 32"

Clearly the other bike trials rider won the comp (he’s very very good), but I managed to scrape third in an expert bike trials category. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoyed the pics,

My bro got second place, and I used his prize to hit him:

Nice. Bike trials comps are fun, and way easier to get to than uni only comps (there are more of them). Congrats on 3rd place high jump against bikes, thats really good.

Are you running Qu-Ax freestyle cranks? How are they holding up? I might get me a pair just cause they’re so cheap.
EDIT: Never mind they look more like tensiles, How are they aside from being frickin’ light?

They are indeed tensiles.
They are light and strong.

Cool pics Danni. Looked like fun.

Any video?


No video, too busy doing the comp!

good job, where was this? in Calgary?

red deer