Bike store guys silenced

I went into a bike store…halong my ride I realized that, to my dismay, my tire was way too underinflated.

I have a presta tube…but my pump and shrader/presta adapter was in my other camelback! D’oh!

I went into the bike store, passed 3 employees with the typical ‘Hey’, and went to the mechanic in the back. I said "Hey man, can you give me a shot of air? The tube isn’t split, I just got the valve snagged taking it out of the trunk " (note…screw presta valves tight after inflating :()

I left the store after thanking them, not one person in there mentioning anything about the UNICYCLE.

As I was riding away I figured it out. They realized their FREERIDE bikes weren’t so tough afterall


what kinda uni were u riding, a mod?