Bike shorts.

Who wears bike shorts when riding their uni? Do they seem to make a difference at all?

just wondering, for i don’t know if i wanna spend $50+ bucks on a pair of bike shorts that don’t do much…

also, what um… how do I ask this…type of “underdrawers” do you wear while uniing, and JUST the type, if any in particular… i nor anyone else here wants to know the patterns on your boxers… and by type i mean Boxer, brief, or boxer-brief.

I always wear the tight stretchy cycling shorts when I ride except for when I just pull out the uni for a quick goof around ride.

Yes they make a difference. They hold things in place so I don’t have to worry about sitting on the bits I don’t want to sit on. They help prevent chafing that you can get from leg openings in the tighty whities. For long rides they are very important.

The shorts need to fit snug. One problem is that people get the shorts too big so they are too loose. The shorts are worn next to the skin (no underwear). For the padded shorts you can put Chamois BUTT’r on the pad to further reduce chafing or skin irritation.

There are lots of different styles of padded shorts. Different brands have different shapes for the pad. As you spend more you get a different material in the pad. You’ll have to experiment and find what fits you and suits you best. You can also try unpadded shorts that are the same tight stretchy style. The unpadded shorts are often used by triathletes and runners.

I often wear loose out shorts over the cycling shorts. You just want to find outer shorts that won’t bunch up when you sit on the seat.

If you have a Supergo or Performance Bike nearby you can get an inexpensive pair of cycling shorts to try before going with a $50+ pair.


cool, and thank you. that’s prolly why my inner thighs get chafed… my shorts ARE kinda big…(my regular ones…) cool. so i’ll try to find some bike shorts then…

thanks again.

Id say if you are gonna do some distance uni the bike shorts would be very good… but I do street and jean or shors work just perfect with my shin guards

it’s not that i do so much “long distance” riding, its just that i ride A LOT. I practice at least an hour and a half every day, rain, snow, sleet, or shine.

free - the only way to be :wink:

get bib shorts
they’re totally worth the extra couple of bucks
the ‘bib’ bit makes sure they never sag

  1. if you don’t like the looks of bike shorts, they make ones that have a pair of cargo pants attached on top.

  2. as for bibs, my dad rides (B*ke) and wears bib shorts because they dont hurt when wearing them for a while because the wast doesnt have to be super strechy;)

i like ‘em. Comfy and breathable, bikee shorts dont’ get all soggy when you sweat. no wet sweat spots. Their strechiness is nice, as it keeps the leg opening from pulling backwards against one’s leg when mounting or pedal stroke when mounting or riding. No chafing possible. I’m particularly fond of my spongbob bikeshorts. Biek shorts can be had for about $20 bucks or so if you’re not interested in the super fancy pearl izumi ichi rinchibans or something with a n*ke swoosh.