bike rentals near Snowqualmie

Hi All,

I am a beginning unicyclist who will be attending Unicon. I want to do the Iron Horse trail on Thu July 25 but it is not likely that I can ride for more than a mile or so on the unicycle. Since I will be with an excellent unicyclist who would like to go the distance, I am wondering if there is a way to rent or borrow a mountain bike for that event so that I can keep up. :slight_smile:

Suggestions? Contact information for a bike rental would be appreciated. The Summit at Snowqualmie (which rents mountain bikes) is not open on Thursday as far as I can tell.



I recommend that you just “go for it” on the unicycle.

  • Your friends will probably wait and/or let you take breaks.

  • You’ll have the satisfaction of having done it.

  • If you do fall behind, given that tons of other unicyclists of different skills will be there, you’ll likely partner up with somebody more your speed before its over.

  • If you do it on the bike, you wont be having the same experience your friend is having.

  • If you get to a point where you just can’t ride anymore, you can just foot it. I take great personal satisfaction in heaving my gear (be it a camera or a uni) and just running the trail with all the bad boys.

  • It’s all good.

Take it easy,


Re: bike rentals near Snowqualmie

> I am wondering
>if there is a way to rent or borrow a mountain bike

Try calling the bike shop in North Bend
Cyclepath Inc.
Bicycle Shop
119 W. North Bend Way
North Bend, WA 98045

Re: bike rentals near Snowqualmie

>I recommend that you just “go for it” on the unicycle.

Let me recommend against this approach–unless you have your own car at the
bottom (or the keys to someone else’s). I’ve ridden this trail before, so I’ll
play the curmudgeon:

–I do not recommend doing this ride unless you’ve ridden 10 miles or more
before. So practice NOW!!!

–This ride is designed for Cokers. If you are riding a smaller wheel, that’s
okay. But I wouldn’t ride it on a 24 or 20 incher. If you are on a 26 incher,
then consider using shorter cranks for this ride. If you are on a 28 or 29er,
then consider using a wider tire to handle the loose gravel.

–The Opening Ceremonies and the Public Show happen in the evening. Don’t get
stuck on this trail without transportation or you will miss them.

This is one cool ride!!!

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

Re: Re: bike rentals near Snowqualmie

I will second David’s plea. Please make sure you can do the distance in at least 3.5 hours before going on this ride. I’ll be charging $50 per person if I have to shuttle you back in my car. <just kidding about that last part>

My big fear with this ride is having someone stuck out on the trail when it is time for everyone to head home. There are no shortcuts and no early bail points along the trail. You either make it the entire 17 miles or you don’t make it home.

That all said, it is a fun ride and I hope we have a good turn-out for it.

A map and info about the trail is here.