Biggining advise

i nkow a video is much better, and youtube does itnicely, buti want to give an adviceto all bigginers, mounting is a pacience thing, you need to try and try day after day,i started doing the youtube excercises, but didnt had a result, so i holdon to apost and threugh myself, over and over again, i learned in thjree days, so just be pacient, and dont rush, everybody can dpo it.

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I didn’t have any trouble reading it.

Absolutely right. The big secret to unicycling: Don’t quit.

Yeah, I read somewhere that there was actually a ratio; patience : persistence = success. Kinda funny actually. I thought it was 80% patience and 20% persistence. Of course I could totally be pulling this out of my @$$.

Ahh the spammer message got deleted…makes it look like i’m saying someone else is a spammer now!

I wish Gilby had deleted my message too…

I believe you, and whenever possible, try to use the quote feature, that way it will not come back to bite you. To report spam there is a little triangle shaped sign below each posters information on the left, and if you hover over it it will say “Report”

When you report spam, try to keep the messages short, since Gilby does have to read them. I usually just put in “Spammer”

And don’t be so harsh people, his spelling and sentence structure may have been off, but I could understand him completely. I agree, persistence is key!

Yeah i kinda feel bad now…Keeping at it is key!!

If SilentRider’s 7 year old daughter can learn in a few weeks anyone can do it!!

On flat ledges you can get away with using a bit of the crank but try and stick mostly to the pedal.

Hey, I just started learning too. I hopped in to see if anyone had good starter advice.

I also had a question about how high the seat should be. I heard the advice “put your weight on your seat”. After practicing last night this makes sense. The reason I think my seat may be too low is because after I mount, it feels like I’m standing on the pedals. Then I have to lower myself onto the seat. If my seat were at the max height that still allowed me to reach the pedals, I would feel as though I were sitting after mounting. Not sure though, if I could mount with a higher seat. Thoughts?

Since I fall when I try to move, I’ve been mounting and just sitting on my unicycle next to a wall. Just sitting practice. Inevitably I have to adjust/idle to maintain balance.

Anyways, just let me know if you have advice–pretty much anything will help me at this point.

Thanks! Loving

It’s definitely a good idea to raise your seat. It will help you put your weight on the seat which in turn will help you pedal smoother. Try various seat heights to find what is most comfortable.

While I get to know a new uni I tend to raise the seat higher and higher as my control over the uni grows.

At one point I start to push the limit of my abilities and will go all the way back down …

Very strange.

So I’ve put about 2-3 hrs into learning how to ride.

I’m riding up and down a fence while trying to use it as little as possible.

I experienced saddle soreness in the beginning, which later went away but now it’s back again. I have no idea why that is. Where should nuts be in relation to bike seat? Maybe this is something you figure out over time.

I’ve heard of riding with the balls of your feet, but I usually have the pedal in the arch of my foot. Is this preference, or is one way better?

I tried making the seat taller since I heard it helps learning. However, the different seat height took me out of my comfort zone and I wasn’t able to ride as well. So I went back to practicing on the original height.

Any feedback is appreciated.

I’m also a beginner unicyclist. Now trying to learn freemounting.

Most of your problems are not unicycle specific, but comes with cycling sports. You should get a pair of nice padded cycling tights (or bibs if you prefer) to take care of the butt ache. They also help to prevent abrasion.

I pedal on the balls of my feet, and it feels easier. I am not sure if there is a correct way to place your feet.

As for seat height, it should be similar to that on a bicycle. Raise it so that your knee bends at 15-25degrees from totally straight, when your pedal is at 6 o’clock.

Hope this helps.

I think you’re doing fine. What you need is more time in the saddle. You’ll figure out most of the details on your own from practice.

When I was starting out, I would come in after failing for 30 minutes and watch youtube videos and read and wonder if maybe I need to adjust stuff on my unicycle. But none of that really matters much. It’s muscle memory. Your body needs time to figure it out. So keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll get there.

Nicely put arrons. that descibes my learning experience 18months ago perfectly.

Anyone else here learning alone? Two of my closest friends started, but after failing quite miserably (like me), they just gave up and now don’t even want to bother with it.

I am a very motivated person when it comes to something I have my mind set on, so I assume I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. The learning process is a painful one due to the fact that is 100% about failing again and again and again… etc.

To the people who are learning: What keeps you motivated to keep getting back up on your uni? For me, it is nothing short of sheer determination to be able to ride a unicycle

I would keep on doing what your doing. Falling over, and over again is one of the steps to learning how to ride. Just keep on practicing and eventually you’ll get there. There’s a bunch of videos on youtube that will help you learn how to ride too. Derermination is a big key to learning to ride.

Just when I was becoming really dissapointed with my progress, out of nowhere I go 15 feet forward without falling. It wasn’t pretty, but it was really the boost I needed to keep going. I’m on my third day now, going into my fourth with about 7 hours of practice. I give myself another solid two days of practice before I can ride very consistently:D

Wish me luck!