biggest staircase cleared..

so what is the biggest set of stairs cleared ? Ive heard of people trying 12 but not landing it…

Di you mean just riding down, or jumping down. I can ride down a 24 set, and hop down a 7 set.

Hes meaning jumping them.

I can only do 8 or 9…

I’ve made a 6 stair.

it seems like it depends on the stairs, some stairs are steeper and have lots of stairs, some and longer with flater longer stairs.

Yeah all stairs are different. I’ve jumped an 11. I’ve heard of 12’s and 13’s. But whatever. Unicycles limits should only be about that, after that it’s a huge fall. laters

-Shaun Johanneson
This thread might provide some insight.

I think justin nearly cleared a 12 or 13 stair set… can’t remember… still freaking good!

I’ve done 8, but I don’t plan on going much bigger.

i’ve done a 6 with a 7 and 8 to try in the spring, after that i don’t know how i’d land it.

I’ve done a 8-set…

At, a swedish unicycling forum, there is a thread about biggest drops been done… Feels it’s one of the worst threads ever! People posting new records after cleraing another pallet one time and so on :wink:

This feels quite like it, in a bit more serious way though. :slight_smile:

ive never cleared a set of stairs since i started. i dont like hopping or dropping or any of that nonsense, i just do tricks on the ground. :slight_smile:

Well have fun on the ground, but personally I’d rather die on an 8 set than live on flatland.

see freestyle doesn’t get the ladies:)… but neither does street… or trials. Wait hold up I was going somewhere with this:)

this is the biggest jump i’ve ever seen.

my biggest is a 7, and I want to try an 8 or 9, but I can’t find any around my town, except for one nine stair that has super wide steps.

I can do that… I dunno but it’s one stair-case to another really…

one man’s 12 set might be another guys’ 10…know wha ah mean?

ya i know.