Big wheel

It isn’t real but it made me think.

Imagine a wheel like that driven by chains with a reduction ratio from above the axle. Like an upside down Huni-Rex.

I think it would have to be called an “elephant”.

Check out the video, especially if you are an old Pink Floyd fan.

Not sure that I’m following you. How much different would that be from a “penguin” unicycle?

I’m old and I’m a Pink Floyd fan but that’s not exactly old Pink Floyd. Where’s Syd? Which one’s Pink? :):slight_smile:

I think he means having the cranks above the axle, but within the circle of the wheel, just like the Huni-Rex has the cranks rotating below the axle.

Personally I think a jack-shaft design would work better for gear reduction on a big wheel. Think the Red Menace but with a bigger wheel and the gears flipped.

Don’t ask why, just think of the possibilities :stuck_out_tongue:

Aha, I think I’m on the right page now. So it would have half-axles in bearings set on the frame legs sync’d with chains to the hub instead of a single spindle. That idea could get rid of any minimum inseam requirement even for people who can’t ride a Nightfox.

It would also let anyone ride a really big wheel while sitting at the minimum height possible height. I guess that supposes someone wanting to build and ride a 60+" wheel while also not wanting to sit at the extra height (what, maybe 30"?) that a giraffe/penguin-type chain drive needs. Which one is better depends on your point of view I guess. Sitting lower would help with bridge clearance for sure, and would probably be easier to mount and dismount. Less impressive in parades though.

Sewed any tires lately, Saskatchewanian? :slight_smile:

With the Game Changing Parts discussion going on, it makes me wonder if being able to buy great mass-produced unicycles at the prices they sell for these days might have discouraged most of the dreamers and tinkerers who came up with stuff like that. Maybe some unicycling-is-the-next-big-thing excitement faded away too. When I was new here, I spent many hours searching out and reading through old threads about those things. It seems like it all happened long before I started unicycling, with very little new in the 5 years since I joined the site. Too bad.