Big trick compilation

So I’m making a video of some of the big tricks that have been happening in the last few years. I have quite a bit of video already but was asking for any suggestions of what I should put in it. Please post the link in your response.


You should put some creative stuff kind of like in this video, where he uses random stuff to create unique tricks, and a cool foot plant combo type of thing.

Try to put some creative stuff, like in this video.

And a cool foot plant to stall combo type of thing maybe.

Sweet idea! How recent is the maxwhip? Thats a big one.
You could also put in one of Maxs front flips.

that video’s great.

Thanks, I totally forgot about the maxwhip but I have his frontflip from unicon and adriens seatwhip from journey.

Not forgetting Eli’s world first 1260 unispin.

That was the first thing I thought of :slight_smile:


thanks loubear

Now that I have all the video does anyone have any song suggestions?