Big pile of Uni Seat Parts

Hey -
In my quest to build the perfect seat, and I acquired a bunch of spare seat-building stuff. All of it is used, unless otherwise indicated.

In pic, there are:
2 Seats: Two complete seat/seat-post assemblies. Posts are 25.4 (Coker size), cut pretty short (I’m 5’6"). One is an air seat with tube.
3 Seat Bases: all KH compatible, not all have complete sets of bolts and nuts
1 extra set front/back KH bumpers (shown on one of the seat-bases - both complete seat have bumpers, as well)
3 Seat covers: Three, including one KH Freeride seat cover. Other two have a splash of paint.
2 Foam pads: 1 Torker seat pad, and two cut-up pieces of foam from a KH seat
1 Gel pad: BIKE Gel saddle pad, new, in package
1 Seat Inner-tube holder, partially cut

Also included, not in pic, is a 12-in inner tube.

Asking US$50 with free shipping for North America.

Questions, other offers considered, may be posted in the thread.

Hello, is the air saddle a complete seat?
Is it a Kris Holm Freeride?


It’s not a KH seat, but pretty sure it is complete. I’ll check, and get right back to you.

Ok Thanks,
I’m just now getting in to doing some distance riding on my 36, and wanting to find a more comfortable seat. Have you used this particular air seat before? Would you recommend it? I found a KH Fusion Freeride non air on Craigslist. I am just trying to figure out my best option. Sorry, I have rode a unicycle for years but just toying around the neighborhood and while i am camping and such and now i am wanting to start getting into to more commuting riding and such. Any help would be appreciated.

Honestly, I found I didn’t like the air-seat for touring, but some people swear by them. I may have not really got the right design, I don’t know. With all this seat-building stuff, there are many shapes you could try.

I now ride a stock KH Freeride seat on all my unis.

Thanks for your help. I will put some thought into it. What is your bottom dollar shipped on the seat parts?

Well, I imagine shipping will be around $10, so I have to stay at $50 shipped, at least until this post has been up another week or so.